Jamie Oliver Pulls Off Wicked Innuendos On ‘Saturday Kitchen’

The latest episode of Saturday Kitchen on BBC One witnessed some eye-popping innuendos from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio were hosting the episode, when at the very beginning Oliver said something super cheeky.

Here’s what happened when Joe Hurd mentioned that Anna Jones – who was also on the show – is vegetarian.

Yep. He didn’t just say “I remember putting pork in your mouth. I know her cook books are vegetarian but you use to love pork”, he even did this weird gesture (just in case nobody got the hidden meaning.

Oh and that wasn’t it, The “Naked Chef” was in a real pert mood and went on to throw out yet another innuendo towards the end of the show. Oliver very coolly asked his friend Jones to “ give that plate a good old rim job”.

Tad chaotic as the particular episode was with so many people around, Jamie’s “fun remarks” just gave the Twitterati more arms to fire with. Although, a bigger bunch of viewers did appreciate the blend of culinary and comic.


What do you think? Were the remarks funny or downright rude? Let us know in the comments!


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