Jamie Oliver Proposes Regulating Energy Drinks Like Cigarettes

Chef Jamie Oliver has been a proponent of children’s health for a long time. The chef has spoken about child obesity and their sugar consumption on various occasions and on one such recent event, Oliver urged companies and authorities to place a ban on selling energy drinks to children.

The cookbook writer advocated against caffeinated energy drinks, saying that they pose serious risk to the health of kids and teens, who he says use them to get “a legal high.” He also blamed manufacturers for the popularity of such drinks, aiming the kid-friendly graphics and bright colours used in their advertising.

The chef further held retailers and supermarkets responsible for targeting sales display to school kids. “Managers at supermarkets will change the whole front of a supermarket metro, a small supermarket, based on whether the kids are at school or not”, the chef said, adding that “And if the kids are at school, you’ve just got energy and sports drinks everywhere and you can’t see any food. And then the minute they’re off school it turns back to food again.”

Jamie Oliver Proposes Regulating Energy Drinks Like CigarettesImage: BBC.com

“If you say, ‘Let’s be really honest, who thinks a six and seven-year-old should have an energy drink? Eight? Nine? 10? 11?’ You ain’t going to get no hands in the air until (you say age) 17, 18,” he said on Tuesday from London. According to a report, caffeinated energy drinks claim to boost energy, reduce fatigue and improve concentration. The amount of caffeine typically exceeds Health Canada’s maximum daily intake for kids.

Oliver went ahead to propose a solution for controlling the sale of such drinks. He suggested imposing restrictions on the age of anyone who purchases them, similar to the regulations on cigarette sales.

What do you think of the chef’s propositions? Are they too harsh or is what he saying really necessary to keep kids fit and healthy? Let us know in the comments below!


Feature Image: Jamie Oliver

Source: Infotel.ca