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All That Jacqueline Fernandez Eats To Stay Fit Without Hitting The Gym


No, that was not a click-bait title. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez really doesn’t like to hit the gym and yet somehow manages to look like the way she does! During a recent interview in Dubai, the Judwaa 2 actress revealed her secret to a fab form.

“I don’t like to gym. I do weights only when I don’t have an option around. It’s a preconceived notion that you need to go to the gym to be healthy”, she said, trashing the belief that only gym-goers can boast of a flawless figure. But as is common knowledge, a healthy regime is not just exercise and physical activities but also made up of a clean diet. So here’s the real question: what does Jacqueline Fernandez eat?


What Does She Eat?

No fancy diets, no elaborate meal plans. Jacqueline picks her food according to her mood. Of course, there are certain things she keeps in mind while eating. Whatever she eats should keep her body alkaline, her skin looking great and her weight in check. Additionally, she starts and ends her day with apple cider vinegar and consumes ample amounts of spinach, broccoli, and asparagus along with lots of fruits, eggs and fish, idli, quinoa, rice noodles, and brown rice. She reveals that the three foods that are big no no’s are sugar, wheat, and dairy.

Spelling out her meal, Fernandez says that her breakfast sees an egg white or vegetable omelet with rye toast, a little slab of almond butter and a drizzle of manuka honey. Alternatively, she also likes to start her day off with some oatmeal or granola with lots of berries, cinnamon, and coconut or almond milk. All of this and bulletproof coffee, which is an espresso shot blended with a little ghee and a spoon of coconut based MCT oil, to wash it down.

“You have to look great all the time in this industry. It took me ten years to figure things out. I love coconut yogurt, coconut sugar, and stevia. I’m such a sugar snob right now. Sugar is the worst thing you can do to your body.” The actor likes to bake her own bread and so rye flour or spelt flour is always handy in her kitchen. “I’ve become the queen of alternative eating.”

Recently signed on as the face of Raw Pressery, an Indian healthy drinks start-up, it does not come as a surprise that the actress if big on juice cleanses. “I see juicing as a discipline. After a week or two week, your body may be screaming ‘give me food’”, she said, adding, “the human body can go without food for 21 days. We eat when we don’t necessarily need to eat as often as we do.”

The new-age juice cleanses paired with a little traditional eating makes for the leading lady’s eating regime, which a steers clear of sugary foods. Believe it or not, Fernandez is a big believer of fasting. No, she does not starve herself, but believes in “intermittent fasting”. “Fasting is an age-old system that the Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians have practiced”, she said.

“My last meal is around 7 pm and in the morning I drink a lot of water with lemon and then have my first meal at 8 am. This gives your body to recover and concentrate on other functions other than constantly digesting food.”

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That said, Jacqueline is not a fitness fanatic. Meaning, she doesn’t chase after a “perfect body” and does what she does with the singular goal of what she needs to do in order to make her body happy. As I always say, health is wealth. My goal is always to question how healthy can I get,” she added.

Take note, y’all!

Source: Gulf News

Feature Image: Vogue India

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