Whiskey Infused Coffee Is Now A Thing Thanks To Jack Daniel’s

When they have a hangover in the morning, most people turn to two things. Either a cup of coffee. Or, to the ‘hair of the dog’, which is a drink first thing in the morning to ward off a hangover. Now, premium whiskey producer, Jack Daniel’s has combined the two things together with the launch of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Coffee.

Whiskey-Infused Coffee

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Jack Daniel’s teamed up with World Of Coffee to create Arabica coffee which has been infused with Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey.


However, the whiskey is non-alcoholic, so it’s not exactly a hair of the dog drink. What it is, is a whiskey flavoured coffee with the flavours and aromas of Jack’s Daniel’s whiskey like caramel and vanilla.

The coffee is available in both regular and decaf and is sold online as well as at the Lynchburg Hardware and General Store in Tennessee. While 1.5 ounces will be available for $6.95, 8.8 ounces will cost $21.95.


If you absolutely must have some whiskey in your coffee, perhaps you could add a dash of Jack Daniel’s to the whiskey infused coffee.