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It’s Whisky Appreciation Month At 365 A.S, Hyatt Regency And You Don’t Want To Miss This If You Go Crazy Over Whisky


Chivas Regal 18; a richly indulgent blended Scotch whisky. Personally created by Master Blender Colin Scott including over 20 single malts from Scotland. From our favourite brand; Chivas, the Regal 18 was awarded the IWSC 2014 Trophy.



If you were a whisky connoisseur, you would know what to do with your glass of whiskey to understand the quality of the drink. If you don’t, we will tell you how to taste your whiskey like a pro. However, if you were wondering why we are brushing up our whisky tasting skills, we have something for you.

Focaccia and CHIVAS 18 presents an exceptional whisky tasting dinner to bring alive your senses! And not just that! With an exclusively curated, four-course menu by Michelin Star Chef; Chef Mauro Ferrari on 10 November 2017, 07:30 PM. Yes, you read that right! Now you know why you need work on whisky tasting skills right now.

Know that’s it’s more than just swirl and sip, and that’s why you need to exactly know what to do to understand the taste of the finest drink. Read all about it over here, and make sure that you reserve your dinner right now.

We are not done. If you cant make it to the dinner, worry not! The entire month is dedicated to the finest whiskey from all over the world. So, if you know your whisky as much you love it, then 365 A.S is the perfect place spend your weekend!

Price – INR 3500 AI

To reserve your table call, +9176633310.