It’s Time To Wake Up & Chew Your Coffee With Go Cubes

About 6 months back a company put up their innovative project up on Indiegogo for a crowd funding. This was Nootrobox with their revolutionary chewable coffee cubes called Go Cubes.


Go Cubes

Nootrobox worked with one of the largest and most reputable confectionary factories in the USA to produce Go Cubes, putting the product through more than 20 rounds of testing to pinpoint the exact right taste and feel.

Not surprisingly, the idea was backed by a number of caffeine-heads making it possible for the project to put together a whopping $60,196 (~INR 4,000,000) from hundreds of backers (which is wonderful as the company was targeting $20,000).

“We consider the human body to be the next big platform for innovation. Precision nutrition and nootropics are on the rise as more and more people come to understand they can increase their physical and cognitive performance by introducing new inputs into their daily regimen,” said Geoffrey Woo, co-founder and CEO, Nootrobox.

“The popularity of Go Cubes is indicative of this trend and we expect our ‘coffee you can put into your pocket’ to be a breakout product of 2016”, he added.go-cubes


For Sale!

To the sheer delight of these backers and coffee lovers, Go Cubes are now available online for sale! The gummy coffee bites are available on Amazon Launchpad and

Two Go Cubes have the caffeine equivalent of one cup of coffee (100 mg). And each cube has around 35 calories, contain six grams of sugar and come in three flavors: Pure Drip, Mocha and Latte.

The coffee cubes cost a mere $1.75 for two, which is clearly far less than a cup of coffee at leading coffee shops. Purchasing options include a pack of 24 Go Cubes for $20 and a box of 80 Go Cubes for $59.mlrv2tlkfq0vkslykikf


Hurry up and purchase your pack before stocks dry up!