It’s Snowing on! Here’s The Neat Trick That Shows You How

WordPress’ annual holiday tradition made it’s comeback this month with our favourite feature – Holiday Snow. That means snow falling on our site for the holiday season – a little something to get us all in the Christmas spirit! Now this is something special for everyone using a WordPress site, even those running a self-hosted site (provided you’ve got your Jetpack plugin). WordPress guarantees that their “special snow will fall gracefully down your screen wherever you are.” Food bloggers running WordPress sites can use this little trick to have their sites snowing as well! Get in the holiday spirit!

To get the weather chilly and snowing on your site, all you’ll need to do are three simple things:

  1. Head to your dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings → General, and scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  3. Check the box at “Show falling snow on this blog.”


You’re done! Visit your site and watch it beginning to snow as you move your mouse cursor around to change the direction of the snow fall. If you already had this feature activated last year for the holidays, it would’ve already activated automatically this season as well. You’re free to stop the snow fall whenever you like by going back to your settings page and un-checking the box. The feature, however, deactivates on the 4th of January.