It’s Official! Pizza Wins The Instagram Food Race

Who in their right mind would say no to a smokin’ hot buttered base topped with marinara and melted cheese? Yes. We’re talking about pizza, every foodie’s Italian crush. Name one food item as satisfying as pizza (no, the apple core left behind by Channing Tatum does not qualify).

There is a reason why Dan Janssen wants oregano to be the only spice of his life. Yes, he’s the same devoted soul who survived on pizza for 25 years. And even though, pizza is not exactly the go-to munchies for the waist watchers, even they can’t deny this Italian love that their palate is missing. Like I said, there is a reason.giphy (26)


Seems Legit

Given pizza’s preeminent position in our heart, mind and tummy, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a new – totally legit – study from Italian chef Alessio Mecozzi and communications company Klaus Davi has claimed that pizza is the most photographed food on Instagram.

According to Italian news website Tgcom24, the team studied images posted to the photo-sharing website in order to compare culinary trends in different countries. Their results found that out of the 300 million food photos uploaded on Instagram, 17 million contain the hash tag “pizza.”15274909

So that’s about 10 million Valencia-ed pizza slices adorned with beautifully melted mozzarella, 5 million Juno-ed “forever fat”, “cheat day” and “movie night with bae” snaps, and 2 million Mayfair-ed, Hudson-ed and Amaro-ed experiments with pizza – we’re looking at you Nutella and Skippy. Just taking a wild guess, though!



Doing Italy Proud!

Interestingly enough, Mecozzi and Klaus Davi also found that the most popular location for pizza snaps wasn’t its native Naples but the pizza lovin’ US of A – more specifically, New York. Over 6% of the pizza photos were uploaded here, compared to just 2.1% in Naples.giphy (25)

Mecozzi said the study also revealed gender traits prevalent in certain Instagrammers, “Men are more likely to photograph their main course but women are more likely to photograph the dessert.” Yeah well, we can’t imagine “men” using the hash tag ‘sweet somethings’ either!


Here are 10 pictures that stand proof to why pizza won the race.

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