It’s Going To Rain Cocktails In Delhi This Entire Week!

The Delhi foodies’ calendars have dived into a truck load of food events that’ll keep them occupied through December. But if food is making it big, can drinks be far behind? Say hello to the Delhi Cocktail Week!

Starting 12th of December, the Capital will see gallons of cocktails being mixed, shaken and concocted. The week will see multiple bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants all around the city hosting various events pivoting around booze along with a variety of lasting and master classes in the art of the pouring the “perfect concoction”, says the official website.

For the next seven days, the cocktail week will give drinking masters an opportunity to guzzle down some extraordinary potions made by expert bartenders.

Also, budding bartenders get to show off their mixing and shaking skills at ‘The Most Innovative Bartender Competition’. Basically Delhi’s week is planned out till the 19th of December. For the complete list of events, venues and timings click here.201204-209004-seasonalcocktail-raspberry-and-rum-iced-tea