Italy Just Hosted The First Tiramisu World Cup And You Won’t Believe Who Won

Tiramisu is definitely up there as a favorite dessert. Not only is it difficult to get wrong, but the classic coffee and cream combination is a winner. However, it’s apparently pretty hard to get right as well. The first Tiramisu World Cup was held in Italy this Sunday and over 700 contestants competed for the glory of being crowned tiramisu champ!

Here’s How it Went Down

The amateur cooks went head to head to create the signature dish with Andrea Ciccolella coming out on top. Andrea, 29, actually works in an eyewear factory. Further proof that you don’t need to have a fancy culinary background to whip up some incredible food.

Italy Just Hosted The First Tiramisu World Cup And You Won't Believe Who Won

“My dream is to be a pastry chef and open a small cake shop of my own, where I’d make traditional, home-cooked things. Nothing fancy, but tasty and made well,” the victor told AFP.

The competitors were split into two groups, depending on whether they followed the original recipe or whether they got creative (Masterchef style).

The prize was awarded by Roberto Linguanotto, a pastry chef who worked in Treviso in the 1960s and 1970s and is considered by Veneto as the man behind the original recipe.

We hope this win will help Andrea turn her cakeshop dream into a reality!