Is Your Hair A Cookie Or A Macaron?

Yep, that’s a question that may seem strange to us but is perfectly normal for the beauty trend keepers. It often happens that color schemes relates themselves with food because let’s face it, nothing else makes a trend – or more specifically shade – more desirable than an association with food (we are looking at you bubble gum pink and chocolate brown).


The Macaron

One such edible sounding trend recently was the macaron hair color devised by Shelley Gregory, colorist of Atelier Salon in Las Vegas.

The hair color involved dyeing one’s hair in soft pastel shades that are generally used for macarons. “I wanted the hair to look and feel like walking into Laduree, the French macaron shop,” Gregory explained to Popsugar.Macaron-Hair-Color-Trend-1

To achieve the macaron hair, Gregory expertly painted the different shades onto the client’s hair in layers. The end result is soft shades playing on the client’s mane making it look dreamy and surreal. “The color stands out and looks trendy, but it’s still chic and approachable,” Gregory explained.


The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Following the macaron’s lead, the chocolate chip cookie to made its way to he hair stylists’ palette. Created by Ryan Pearl of Cutler Salon, the look, much like its edible namesake/inspiration, is a blend of brunette and blonde. “It’s a much more interesting, fun, and relatable way to name a color than simply referring to it as ‘warm or cold,” Pearl explained to Mane Addicts.

Creating the blend of the two browns involves coloring the hair by dividing it into ribbon0like segments. “Then I paint a section of hair and blend in the ends of another section of hair as a way to accentuate POP,” he said.ht_hair_trend_02_lb_151203_4x3_992


Well if this is the case then I think it’s safe to say that my hair is definitely Nutella!