Is Whole Foods Cheese Up To No Good?

To cheese or not to cheese is the question when it came to inspecting Whole Foods’ Cheese. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) gave the product a thumbs down as the product could be possibly contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Whole Foods has recalled all the batches of the cheese.A customer checks out of a Whole Foods Market in Washington,

Listeria can lead to a number of issues – some being fatal as well. Its effects include cases of infections in children and with people who have a feeble immune system. The virus can also be the reason for miscarriages and stillbirths.

According to the company, “the Papillion Organic Roquefort cheese product can be identified by the scale label that begins with PLU 029536. All sell by dates are affected.” The cheese in discussion was wrapped in a clear plastic and bears a scale label.1024970_800x450

Supermarkets have been alerted and the stores now hold a signage to inform customers of the cheesy situation. Consumers who have already bought the product are entitled to a full refund.

As of yet no known cases of infections or sickness have been brought to light.