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Is Rotten Food A Potential Weapon For Terrorism?


How rotten is really rotten food? Apparently bomb-scare rotten. Yep. A high-speed train was evacuated in France when an unidentified and nasty smell led to suspicions of a bomb or chemical weapon.

250 startled and terrified passengers were hurriedly escorted off the train. But it turned out that the stench was after all wait-for-it rotten food. Ok ok, bomb scares are not something to be joked about but we have to hand it down to whoever was carrying that smelly piece of food.head-cheese-meat-lump


Smelly Meat, Smelly Meat

The train which was running from Brussels to Marseilles was stopped mid journey after some passengers complained of a “suspicious gas smell” and feared that the stench might be part of a terrorist attack. Stop laughing you wicked person!

While half the train continued along the journey to Marseilles the remaining 250 travellers were evacuated from the other half. After a search conducted by the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Risk unit, it turned out that the terrorizing smell was coming from a passenger’s suitcase. The suitcase that was carrying a container of stinking rotten meat!rsz_meat58

Once the source of the scare was unveiled, the train took to the tracks again. I wonder what was done to the poor smelly-meat-carrying passenger!


So the next time someone tells you your food is smelly – or that even you yourself stink – just ask them this, “would you consider me a chemical weapon, though?”giphy (19)



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