Is Localbanya Going The Same Way As Zomato and Tiny Owl?

After the Zomato layoffs and the Tiny Owl fiasco, Localbanya, an online grocery store based in Mumbai  seems to be following suit; rumour has it that they just laid off 40 employees on Friday.

Additionally, it’s rumoured that employees have not been paid their salaries for two months and that the company will further downsize.

What’s Localbanya?


Localbanya advertises itself as an online convenience store, which delivers fresh vegetables, fruits as well as other necessary grocery products directly to a customer’s door. Initial customer responses to Localbanya were highly positive as customers were happy with the quick delivery and fresh items.

Website Shut Down

However, customers trying to access the Localbanya website at present get a notification that the webpage is unavailable. The Twitter handle of store answers some customer queries saying:

Meanwhile, on the banya’s Facebook page, irate customers are asking the store when it will be up and running, to no reply:


Now, like the customers, we can only play the waiting game and watch to see whether Localbanya will overcome the recent difficulties or close its (virtual) shutters for good.