Is Caffeinated Peanut Butter The Remedy To All Your Morning Woes?

Remember as kids we used to be fed solutions, concoctions and potions with funny tastes just because it had the goodness of all the required food. A group of entrepreneurs have come up with a similar concept. But before you cringe and walk away, let me tell you that this ‘potion’ is something that you’ll happily down.

Meet Steem, a new caffeinated peanut butter. That’s right, the taste of yummy peanut butter with the kick of coffee.


Best of both worlds

The product gets its coffee buzz from a green coffee extract and natural agave sweetener that co-exist happily with peanut butter oils.

“The idea stemmed from a conversation about trying to come up with a good hangover cure,” Andrew Brach, one of the co-creators of Steem told CNN Money. “It’s a slower release of energy. That way you don’t get the sugar crash”, he added.IMG_4547


Why Steem?

Seriously? You are questioning a peanut butter that kicks you in the head like coffe?

The Caffeine Informer reports that Steem consists of more caffeine than eight ounces (~226g) of brewed coffee. Which means that two tablespoons of the revolutionary peanut butter equal two full cups of coffee.270202-coffee-splash

Devoid of any artificial ingredients, the peanut butter provides consistent energy as a result of the peanut butter and its properties that enable natural slow digestion.

Going by the product’s description on its site, “Steem delivers protein, electrolytes, and caffeine, granting you hours of endurance and focus, and freeing you from distractions like hunger and fatigue.”two_jars


Although the company launched in March of 2014, Steem is available for sale only online and in parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

So there you have it, a food hybrid for all you active people, athletes and people who are desolated of the ability to walk, drive and commute without giving their clothes a caffeine bath early in the morning. Just smother a piece of toast with Steem and you’re golden!logo_big