IRCTC Will Launch A ‘Menu On Rails’ App To Make Dining In Trains Simpler

In a bid to simplify the process of ordering food in trains, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will soon be launching an app ‘Menu on Rails’. With the launch of the app, passengers will be able to see what all food items are available on the train and even get to know each of their prices.


How Will It Work?

Passengers will be asked to select the train that they are aboard – options will include Mail, Express, Humsafar trains, Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto trains, Gatiman Express or Tejas Express – and on the basis of this selection, the app will go on to show them the various food items that will be available for purchase on the respective train.

In connection with this latest development by IRCTC, the corporation is also creating a website that will also be linked with e-ticketing websites, reports The ‘Menu On Rails’ app is currently in its preliminary phase and being tested on iOS and Android platforms.

This is not the first time IRCTC has made a move that will revolutionize the way train food is served/ordered. In March, it rolled out a new guideline that deemed food on trains free if no bill was provided to the customer. And earlier, in 2017, the apex train authority adopted a number of policies and practices to up the quality of food served on trains and even increase the variety of the same.

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