IRCTC Introduces 50 Percent Cash Back Offer On e-Catering Services

To entice travelers to order food through its e-catering services, IRCTC has introduced a 50 percent cash back offer on orders worth more than Rs. 300 placed through its e-catering platform. The offer will be available on all orders placed through the IRCTC’s e-catering website, according to IRCTC CMD AK Manocha. 

Enticing The Passengers

The cash back offer is seen as way to boost orders placed through IRCTC’s e-catering services. “IRCTC’s e-catering facility, which has broad-based the culinary choices in a significant manner, is now turning out to be a big hit with rail passengers. The 50 per cent cash back offer will further induce passengers to patronise our e-catering facility,” added Manocha. The cash back offer is only valid through pre-paid mode and is available through IRCTC’s e-catering site.


Cash Back Offer

The cash back offer for the orders placed will be processed after the delivery date and the refund will be credited to the account. The refund will be voided if there are cancellations to the order or amendments which results in the order being reduced to less than Rs. 300.  


Digital Presence For Catering

With food-tech platforms targeting the Indian railways to provide an alternative to the existing catering services, IRCTC has joined the fray to increase visibility for its own catering services. IRCTC has also partnered with startups like TravelKhana and ZoopIndia to provide food for its passengers and to increase the options available. With a growing digital population in the country, passengers have leaned more towards adopting these online services instead of opting for the less than stellar food available in stations.