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IPL Anchor Samir Kochhar Imparts Some Fitness Knowledge


The 10th season of the Indian Premier League has kept the entire country engrossed for the past few weeks. And while the men on-field have been doing a great job at their game, there is a crew off field as well that makes sure we get our entertaining and informative dose of between the match fillers. One such prominent “off field player” is IPL anchor Samir Kochhar who has hosting the Extraaa Innings T20 show since the inception of the cricket league.

Although Kochhar doesn’t not have to run between the wickets or field for the ball, that does not stop him from staying on top oh his diet and workout game, a fact that has been evident with his TV appearances. The model-turned-actor-turned-TV presenter plays close attention what he eats and how much he sweats, which has kept him in impeccable shape over the past years. We take a look at his regular fitness regime.



A Delhi boy at heart, the 36-year-old describes himself as a diet-conscious Dilliwala foodie and is fond of a bunch of iconic eating hubs in Delhi like Paranthe Wali Galli in Chandni Chowk and the restaurants at Pandara Road Market. He admits to occasionally straying away from his diet and indulging in some butter, sugar, and carbohydrate rich foods like butter chicken, dal makhni, and parathas. And on other sunny days he resorts to meals like these.

But on regular days when he can’t really go on a paratha binge in Old Delhi, the actor starts his day with black coffee and muesli accompanied with a bowl of fruits and follows it up with about 5-6 meals spread out through the day at regular 2 hour intervals. This keeps his hunger pangs in check while maintaining steady metabolism and energy level. His diet features healthy and nutrient rich foods like milk, eggs, fish, and salads. Kochhar refrains from eating anything after 9.30, however if he does have the occasional cravings, he opts for a bowl of cereals.

When it comes to playing chef in the kitchen, the IPL host doesn’t disappoint. His family is all praises for his special breakfast spread, especially the omelet. He reportedly also whips up some excellent chicken and mutton curry as well.



While he does get a lenient with his eating habits at times, that is not the case with Samir Kochhar’s workout regime, which is quite arduous to say the least. He follows a 5-day workout regime that includes a mix of cardio and weight training, push-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups. Free hand exercises are a part of his main workout as they help maintain his weight.

That said, Kochhar isn’t one for boasting a buff pumped up physique. As longhe remains fit, healthy, and lean sans the use of any enhancers and/or supplement, he’s good. As should a wise person be!


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