iPhone Users, Get Ready To Try Out These New Food Emojis

After a recent iOS update, iPhone users got a whole bunch of new and improved food emojis to adorn their messages with. And while not all promised emojis might have made it to our keyboard, there are some new ones that will definitely be added to your iPhone emoticon library soon.

Apple just confirmed some totally adorable new emojis for their users that will be made available later this year to amp up your chats and posts. One of these new emojis is a gorgeous sandwich emoji, which by the way, had already been a part of the social media family for quite some time now. But better late than never because you can now have it on your Apple gadget as well. And as People notes, the emoji will depicts a signature lunch staple complete with two slices of white bread, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, golden-yellow American cheese, and what appears to be ham.iPhone Users, Get Ready To Try Out These New Food Emojis

Speaking of staples, get ready for a slew of more such everyday foods like a pretzel, broccoli, a bowl of what we’re guessing is serious (because that’s definitely not a soup spoon), a can of tomato soup (Campbell’s would’ve been proud) or tomato paste, and half a coconut head.

And even though our iPhones had enough Asian food emojis like sushi, ramen, set meals,a nd more, Apple has given Asian cuisine an evident – and bigger – nod with emojis including a steamed dumpling (finally!), a fortune cookie (it may be American but it is American-Chinese), and a Chinese takeout box with chopsticks.iPhone Users, Get Ready To Try Out These New Food Emojis


That said, we’re already in love with the new food emojis and cannot wait to use them!


Image: People Food