Introducing SPIN X GREENR At Dhan Mill Compound

SPINxGREENR is Greenr cafe’s third outlet in New Delhi and it’s first collaboration with SPIN. SPINxGREENR is an integration of two modern, progressive and innovative brands that share similar values when it comes to creating, executing and sharing ideas. As a cafe, SPINxGREENR is inspired by the shared love for simple and mindful living. It is their conscious effort to serve you food that makes you happy in an environment that inspires to live a wholesome life.

Their new menu introduces new dishes across categories including starters, smoothies, desserts, bowls, along with locally grown black beans as a new protein option and several collaborations!

Some of the new categories or items introduced in the menu are as follows :

Additions in the Health Bar: 

  1. Greenr has collaborated with Brewmance to bring several Kombucha flavours ranging from Masala Chai, Watermelon, Coffee Date, etc.
  2. Greenr has collaborated with Disha Functional Foods to bring some plant-based Kefir drinks.
  3. Greenr has collaborated with Olena to bring 100% Plant-Based fitness products, namely Protein Shakes on the menu.
  4. Three new smoothies – Paradise Mango, Love Yourself and Acai Berry have been added to the smoothie section.
  5. Some more additions include: Tea Cakes by Bein Manger, Pour Over Coffee by Beanly Pour over, and Pumpkin Spice Frappe!
Introducing SPIN X GREENR At Dhan Mill Compound

Additions in the Plant-Based Kitchen: 

  1. Vietnamese inspired Saigon Rice Paper Rolls prepared the Greenr way in three variations with mushrooms, back beans and tofu!
  2. Tulum Zucchini Boat made with Black Beans, Vegan Cheese, House Tomato Salsa, Cilantro and a half Zucchini. 
  3. Baja Black Bean Nachos that are made with Ragi and are vegan and gluten free!
  4.  A new category was added: Cold Salad Bowls with raw, gluten-free options.
  5. A Baja Black Bean Burger with Avocado, Guacamole, Chipotle Plant Mayo in a whole-wheat bun from Bien Manger.
  6. A very special collaboration with Disha Functional Foods has added another layer of health to Greenr’s Menu. Now customers can chose sides ranging from Fermented Vegetables, Fire Cider and Gut Shot – all in an attempt to boost gut health.
  7. Three new Pizzas: Buffalo, Monaco Blue Cheese and Athens Spinach + Pine Nuts.
  8. In the Dessert section: Pumpkin Spice Mousse, Beetroot Fig Mousse + Coconut Snow, Kafir Lime Pie + Mango, and Greenr Tiramisu.