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The Internet Seems To Think Tide Pods Are Delicious


It seems as though people on the internet seem to be obsessed with eating Tide pods (ICYMI, they’re brightly coloured detergent pods which look vaguely edible). Memes are being pumped out at a rapid rate extolling the virtues of Tide pod eating.

It turns out that the resurgence of the Tide pod wave is a 2013 forum discussion and a 2015 Onion article. Of course, Twitter had to get in on the action.

However, eating Tide pods isn’t a laughing matter. According to the Florida Poison Information Center, toxic effects of ingesting laundry pods include: vomiting for a prolonged period of time, coughing, drowsiness, choking, wheezing, and eye damage. These effects are due to the high, and corrosive, concentrations of alkaline in the product.

Start off your morning with a healthy breakfast ?

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You can see a sketch on the laundry pod eating phenomenon here. Just don’t eat the pods!

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