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The Internet Has Debuted A New Pizza Topping And We Are Not Here For It


Pizza is meant to be unifying however in the last couple of days it’s been quite the opposite of that. The reason for this great divide? A Pizza topping! I know, you’re thinking how could something that should be so straightforward (read: cheese and pepperoni) turn into such a mess?
There’s been an absolute slew of ingredients that have been put on pizza in the last couple of days such as peas and mayo, sushi pizza, a baozi pizza, spaghetti on a pizza, and last but not least, pineapple. Unfortunately, the internet has yet again spawned a horrific creation which could possibly be the worst pizza topping yet.
Twitter user Austin Braun premiered the absolute monstrosity. Peeps on pizza. For the initiated, Peeps are coloured marshmallow chicks. He’s called it Peepza and we are so appalled.

I honestly can’t take it anymore! Why do we have to be subjected to such a horrifying invention? Sweet things do not go on pizza and that’s final! Pizza is a savoury dish! Go roast your marshmallows on your own time Austin and stop giving bad ideas to the rest of the world. Who knows what the internet will come up with next time?
Honestly, enough is enough. Let’s all just enjoy pizza the way that it was meant to be enjoyed; sans anything sweet and sans other fast food! We hope that all the invention that went into thinking this frightening creation would be better employed in the invention of a new food that’s just as epic as pizza!

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