This International Beer Day Check Out Delirium Cafe With Over 2,400 Types of Beer!

In case you needed another reason to celebrate this Friday (as if, the weekend is good enough) today is also International Beer Day. So, if you’re not a teetotaler make sure to crack open a cold one in honor of this glorious day! In India, we have The Beer Cafe, which usually plays host to 100 or more types of beer (depending on the outlet and availability). However, the Delirium Cafe in Brussels has over 2,400 different types of beer on offer – that’s something!

Delirium Cafe plays host to over 2,400 types of beer from 78 countries! If you go there, you’ll literally have your choice of the (beer) litter! It’s situated opposite the famous Jeanneke Pis fountain and can be recognised by its famous pink elephant logo.

In fact, Delirium Cafe’s name and logo come from the Delirium Tremens ale, the flagship beer of the legendary Huyghe Brewery, which has been in operation since 1654. While currently there are franchises open in various countries, none can be as famous as the original – and for good reason!

Their 240-page menu is legendary as is the 20 plus draft beers on offer (20 draft beers, get your head around that) with the dark Delirium Nocturnum and lighter Delirium Tremens being favorites. Delirium Cafe has also made it into the Guinness World Records for the largest selection of beer in the world! At the time, it had 2,004.

If you’re a beer fanatic then this place should definitely be on your to do list, especially if you enjoy beer apart from the odd wheat beer or stout!

Representational Image: Alamy