Interesting Food Facts About Justin Timberlake That Everyone Must Know

If you consider yourself a Justin Timberlake fan, then none of these things will come as a surprise to you. But if you’re just a fan of his music and have never really paid attention to the little details, let us help you out a little.

Justin Timberlake, formerly of *Nsync, is one of the biggest pop stars today. He’s dabbled in everything from acting to modelling and beyond and has also earned himself the title of “Prince of Pop” thanks to his love for Michael Jackson, his dance skills and his memorable music. But what people tend to forget is that just like everyone, Timberlake loves his food!

And PopSugar gave us the lowdown on a few interesting facts about the Prince of Pop that even we didn’t know!

1. In an interview with Bon Appetit, Timberlake said, “I mostly work out so I can eat religiously. I’m such a foodie.” Which makes him just like us, sort of.

2. Breakfast is the one meal he will never skip and if you take a look at his Instagram profile, peanut butter and banana pancakes with blueberries is probably his favourite meal ever. 

3. Timberlake has his own brand of tequila, Sauza 901, and he even claims that “it’s so smooth, it doesn’t require a chaser”. This is definitely our kind of tequila.

4. Not only is his wife a successful actress and a supermom, Jessica Biel recently opened a kid-friendly bakery/restaurants in Hollywood called Au Fudge.

5. Speaking of his wife, Biel says that Timberlake’s favourite thin on the Au Fudge menu are their brownies. So he’s got a sweet tooth too!

6. Back in 2007, Timberlake and his best friend opened a BBQ restaurant in New York City. Given that he’s from Memphis, Tenessee, it makes sense that Timberlake’s restaurant Southern Hospitality focuses on exactly that.

7. Just when you thought that he likes everything, we found something that he doesn’t like. “With the exception of octopus, I don’t think I’ve met any food that I didn’t like,” he has said.

8. What about the ‘best meal ever’? Well, it’s a pasta dish. But not your regular pasta dish. A lobster pasta with Pecorino cheese that he had in Italy.

9. Since he’s got his own brand of tequila, it only makes sense that he’s got something interesting to say about alcohol. Timberlake had to say, “I pick my cocktails based on the seasons. In the colder weather I tend to drink whiskey cocktails. In the warmer months, I’m a big fan of tequila, obviously.”