Which Instant Noodle Brand Do You Prefer The Most? #POLL

Instant noodle is something that can instantly turn things up. Be it a quick evening snack or an easy lunch, instant food can step up any meal! India was introduced to this magnificent food back in 1982 when Maggi first came to the country with its 2-minute USP.

It reigned the Indian snack time for a few decades, to be joined by other players like Top Ramen, Nissin’s Cup Noodles and more. The brand, which is owned by Nestle, faced a major set back last year with tonnes of it being recalled. This gave way to competitors to grab the pedestal, which was previously occupied by Maggi. But that’s okay because Maggi struck back with a bang!

Today, we have a plethora of instant noodle brands and various flavours of each brand to pick from, each better than the other. Which one do you like the most? Vote now!


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