How to Use Instagram’s New Food Delivery & Gift Card Stickers

With Instagram, supporting your preferred small businesses became more straightforward. A few months ago, the company released new food delivery and gift card stickers that appear in stories or on people’s profiles. You can tap on them to place an order on a partner site.

The lockdown period due to the new coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live and get in touch with others. Thanks to Instagram, it’s now easier for small businesses to recover.

The famous social network is offering users the possibility to buy gift cards, order food, or donate money for small businesses. Let’s find out more about how to use Instagram’s new food delivery & gift card stickers!

How to Use Instagram’s New Food Delivery & Gift Card Stickers

How Can Users Apply for Food Delivery and Gift Card Stickers

If you want to add a gift card sticker to a story, you can simply do that by creating a story as you always do, open the stickers tray and add the one you prefer. Next, you must choose the favorite gift card and food delivery partner

Once you have finished, just hit on the publish button. When someone sees the story, the respective person can tap on your food delivery or gift card stickers.

Alternatively, you can add these stickers to your Instagram profile as buttons. To achieve that, go to Edit Profile and then to Action Buttons. Choose the preferred button between Order Food and Gift Cards. Next, the process is similar to that of story stickers.

What Offers are Available

There are numerous offers available for food delivery and gift cards on Instagram., Uber Eats, ChowNow, and Caviar are the most used choices for food orders. Also, Seamless, GrubHub, and DoorDash are there.

As for gift cards, you can select between Yiftee, Raise, Square, and Kabbage. Users can click on the gift card stickers or buttons on your Instagram profile to buy something from the partner’s site.

Who Can Use Instagram Food Delivery and Gift Card Stickers

Both creator accounts and business accounts can access this quite new feature on Instagram. Food delivery and gift card stickers were only available across the US and Canada at first. The popular social network added support for several other countries, and a global roll-out is also planned.

In short, anyone who has an Instagram account can use food delivery and gift card stickers to promote and help small businesses that they like. As you can see in the sections above, the process is straightforward and cost-free. Just give it a try!

Ask Your Followers to Share Your Stickers for Higher Reach

To promote your food delivery or gift card stickers, you can simply ask your friends and followers on Instagram to share them. In this way, you will get more reach and help small businesses more.

Here are some more tips.

  • Ask business accounts and influencers in your circle to promote your stickers
  • Use your followers to get more reach for your food delivery and gift card sticker on Instagram
  • House give card giveaways on contests

Take Advantage of Instagram Buttons on Your Profile

As we’ve mentioned above, it’s possible to either add stickers to stories or via buttons on your Instagram profile. The latter method will be there for a longer time. On the other hand, a story will only attract your followers for a short period.

It would be much more helpful to add food delivery and gift card buttons on your profile. Anyway, it would help your preferred small businesses more than the story solution. Also, whenever someone visits your profile, even though they are not yet followers, they will have the opportunity to use those buttons. 

Obviously, that’s only possible if you did not choose to make your Instagram profile private.

How to Use Instagram’s New Food Delivery & Gift Card Stickers


Instagram launched food delivery and gift card stickers in April, in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown. The reason was to help small businesses, which were significantly affected by the lockdown period. Influencers and content creators on the popular social network can promote their favorite offer. 

There are several partners that users can choose from, including Uber Eats for food delivery and Square, for gift cards on Instagram. Give this new feature a chance and help your preferred small business.