Instagram User From Mexico Makes Eggcellent Art

If you think you’re pretty slick when you get your egg in the hole perfectly shaped, then you absolutely have to check out Instagram handle @the_eggshibit. Michele Baldine, the 20-year-old visionary behind the account creates actual works of art using just eggs.

Baldini began egg-sperimenting about three years ago, when he came across a yin-yang symbol made with eggs on Youtube. “I decided I would give it a shot,” he tells SBS Food. “To my surprise, it came out quite well! After that I kept getting ideas out of things I thought would look cool on a pan.”

The Eggs-hibit provides a creative outlet, and a welcome reprieve from a grueling medicine degree, he says. “This is how I clear my mind when books get too tedious.”

The bio on the account says to “Follow for a life changing eggsperience!” and we have to say, Baldini is not wrong! Just check out this eggcellent portrait of the current POTUS.

Why make America great when it can be eggscelent? ?

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I will fight anyone who tries to tell me that Vincent himself wouldn’t be proud to have created this masterpiece.

Breakfast on the Gogh?? #LaMañanaEstrellada¿?

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The sorcerer’s stone has never looked so good.

Eggspelliarmus! (Tag a Harry Potter fan⚡️)

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Michele, never stop egg-citing us, please!