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Inspired By Jio, A Pani Puri Venfor in Gujarat Is Handing Out Unlimited Pani Puri


Ever since Reliance Jio made its appearance, India has been delighted with the concept of ‘unlimited’ offers from internet to calling. Meanwhile, a pani puri vendor in Gujarat took inspiration from Reliance Jio to create some unlimited offers of his own – for pani puri.

The Pani Puri Plan

Street food vendor Ravi Jagdamba from Porbandar recently created a daily and monthly scheme for pani puri servings. For Rs.100 his customers can enjoy unlimited pani puris for one day while for Rs.1000 they can avail of unlimited pani puris for a month.

The vendor has even renamed his pan puri stall ‘Jio’. Since his plan inception, customers have been visiting Jagdamba’s stall by the drove; we’re sure it won’t be long before vendors in other cities come up with ‘Jio’ plans of their own.