Enjoy a delicious, homemade cheese pizza inspired by what Kevin orders when he’s Home Alone.

Besan Halwa Recipe

Besan Halwa, is an Indian sweet recipe which is filled with the goodness of gram flour and dry fruits and can be served as a sweet dish

Beef Nihari Recipe

A slow cook meaty recipe with a delicious taste. Many people love to eat Beef Nihari in the breakfast. Cook it over night on slow heat and serve at morning with hot naan.

Apple Puree Recipe

Apple is a wonder fruit and can be introduced as one of the first baby foods to ‘Apple of your eye’. Apple puree is easy to prepare and digest and can be used in variety of other baby foods like cereals, veggie puree, teething biscuit recipes, healthy cake and yogurt as well.

The paneer sizzlers are easy to prepare and mouthwatering in taste. A perfect starter or cocktail snack item.

Love snacking on deep-fried mini bites? If yes, then you must have often munched on Tater Tots. Yes, the deliciously unhealthy yet irresistible golden fried bite-sized pieces of potato. And do you love nachos? Of course you do! More specifically

Nutritious carrot is one of the must have vegetables for the babies. Most babies love the sweet taste of carrot. Carrot puree is versatile. It can be mixed with grain cereals, made into a warm soup as well.

French Crullers are soft doughnuts with a sweet glaze. These taste just like the ones served at Dunkin Donuts!

In FRIENDS, there’s one episode when Monica, in an attempt to get to know her neighbours better, cooks up a batch of Christmas candy. They absolutely love it and Monica goes a little crazy trying to keep up with their demands. Here’s a recipe inspired by her candy.

Pozole Rojo Recipe

Pozole rojo is a hearty stew made with pork or chicken in a red-chile broth and studded with hominy.

Veg Tikki Recipe

Crisp outside soft inside this Veg Tikki is a real treat to taste buds. Dinner, snacks or midnight cravings you can count on it to be delicious and super filling.

Vegetable Manchurian is a Chinese recipe and a must have dish for any party or get together. This delicious gravy is made using cauliflower, cabbage, carrots and onion !

Make a hearty tomato soup using Knorr’s ready made mix.

vegetarian version of fragrant yakhni pulao from hyderabadi cuisine.

Chana dal is one of the most protein rich lentil used in Indian cuisine. It is made by removing the outer skin of the black chana or the kala chana. It is used in various preparations like chana dal masala vada, chana dal fry, chana dal kheer, kootu and even to make besan / gram flour. It can also be used in chutney recipes to add a good texture and even to vegetable stir fry recipes.

Kokum Curry Recipe

kokum curry or sol kadhi recipe – digestive and cooling drink.

Tomato Curry – spiced and mildly tangy tomato curry made with ground tomatoes, coconut and spices.

Kokum Juice Recipe

kokum juice is a summer coolant and is popular in goa. kokum is available in small cans and bottles in every store there.

A recipe for Salted Caramel Apple Pie – layers of thinly sliced apples and homemade salted caramel sauce make a fabulous pie!

Good ol’ classic salted peanuts but with an Indian twist! The crispy masala peanuts are popular during teatime and as chakhna (snacks had with alcohol) in India. The snack consists of peanuts wrapped in a mildly spiced gram flour and