Remember when Belle and the Beast were bonding? On the breakfast table, the Beast gobbles down his porridge and Belle to give him company discards the spoon and sips her porridge directly from the bowl. Let’s savour this moment and

Mary Poppins is a Disney classic that makes us fall in love with with every character and who can forget that amazing song ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’? Make some candied apples with the recipe below while we practice pronouncing it! Print Recipe Mary

The baby corn tasted crispy and since i fried it in a tawa it is healthy.

Wall E was an adorable movie and the cute protagonist robot had a cockroach friend who loved binging on twinkies. Watching this movie again inspired us to make some. So, go ahead and try out this recipe! Print Recipe Wall

baby corn manchurian recipe | baby corn manchurian dry recipe is basically a street food recipe prepared with baby corns which is loosely based on chinese cooking and seasoning techniques. An ideal starters recipe prepared with manchurian sauce and baby corn fritters. in other words, baby corn manchuri recipe is very similar to gobi manchuri recipe. however, baby corn manchuri recipe would be more spicy as compared to later. moreover, baby corn manchurian recipes are more crispy and more tasty compared to other manchurian recipe.

Japanese chicken wings are simply the best! They are savory and sweet and very easy to make.

Grape Jam Recipe

This recipe doesn’t require any canning equipment, and uses ingredients commonly found in your kitchen! Grape jam recipe is easy and delicious.

Guava Cake Recipe

This is the cake that everyone immediately falls in love with. Light and creamy, sweet yet tart– it is simply exquisite.

Indian style prawn curry is a really easy and deliciously mild recipe, despite the long list of ingredients! The fresh flavours beat a takeaway any day.

Sheldon is extremely particular about how he likes his food. So since its Friday, we would love to share a recipe of one of Sheldon’s favourites Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry. Check out the video below to re-live his exactness

Rachel Zane is known as the foodie in Suits and if you remember the below scene, you’ll know how she can’t resist food or bagels for that matter. So enjoy the video and the recipe! Print Recipe Suits Bagels Recipe

Manchurian is a very delicious Chinese dish which i mostly prepare with chicken. Here i just tried the same recipe with Prawns / shrimp which came out very well. Most of the Chinese cuisines are loved all around the world equally. I noticed this dish once i ordered prawn Manchurian from a restaurant. It tastes really good and i loved it. This very taste made me to try on Prawn Manchurian.

Fish Manchurian is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make Fish Manchurian by following this simple & easy recipe.

Prawn Mee, also locally known as Penang Hokkien Mee or Prawn Mee, is a popular hawker dish served in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, et al. the dish is as delicious as it is healthy and sumptuous. It packs

Honey chili chicken is a palate pleasing and delicious non-vegetarian recipe that is loved by chicken lovers for its amazing flavors. It is generally served as a side dish and best enjoyed during home parties or family gatherings.

We love Harry Potter and love J.K. Rowling as well for penning down the books. Since both their birthdays are coming close we have decided to put up amazing recipes that feature in the books. Much before unraveling the mystery

Thai Sweet Chili Chicken is amazing and best-ever chicken recipe with sticky, sweet and savory sweet chili sauce. SO good you will want to lick the plate!!

Mutton Ghee Roast – This recipe is a blend of tangy and spicy flavors and it taste amazingly delicious.It is one of the easy mutton recipes ever.

Remember the episode with all the cheesecakes? While Rachel and Chandler were enjoying (read:robbing) cheesecakes, Phoebe and Joey were out for a dinner together. Even though Phoebe leaves for a date after a tiff with Joey, he can’t get his

Indian Chilli chicken is a very popular chicken snack eaten in India. Here is the recipe for dry chilli chicken.