Egg paratha is basically a flat bread recipe with egg mixture stuffing. Egg paratha here is made in such a way that can be served mainly for kids breakfast recipes or lunch.

Butter chicken is slightly sweet and sour. Restaurant style Indian butter chicken has tomato and cashewnut based gravy garnished with butter and cream.

In Bangalore there is an option to order biryani rice without vegetables or meat. This is plain biryani rice flavored with chicken stock mostly. The advantage of ordering kuska is that you can have it with a raita and pickle and it yet makes you feel you are having a proper biryani so it is economical. Secondly there is always the option of ordering curries of your choice if you skip the meat part of the biryani with plain biryani rice. Some have kuska with kebabs while some prefer a simple curry like salan or korma.

Moong Dal Burfi made with yellow lentils is a soft, delicious and creamy fudge. A gluten free delicacy that is easy to make and very addictive!!

Jalebi Recipe

Jalebi is a popular Indian dessert made with maida and sugar syrup. Served during festivals and special occasions, everyone loved this dessert recipe.

Crab Kofta Recipe

Crab koftas are a contemporary Indian preparation that bring together the art of cooking the widely consumed shellfish with traditional Indian koftas that are baked or deep-fried balls made of any minced meat, shredded vegetable or even crumbled tofu or

Dindigul Thalappakatti Mutton Biriyani has a world famous taste. This biryani is made from seeraga samba rice instead of using basmati rice.

Rasgulla recipe, a spongy and delicious milk-based sweet originating from West Bengal. Rasgulla is a popular sweet made during Diwali festival.

Nombu Kanji Recipe

Muslims break their fast with nonbu kanji.Traditionally, this recipe is made in huge quantities and is watery in consistency. This Nombu kanji is basically made out of rice, moong dal,etc,.

This rich and decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake really looks like it came. But when you tell them how easy it was, theyll surely want the recipe!

Mutton Biryani is one dish that graces all important occasions, be it weddings, festivals or any get together.This recipe is very easy and very tasty.

Shrimp Fried Rice

Making use of leftover rice is one of the most popular and ingenious ways of whipping up an easy yet absolutely delicious meal. Fried rice is one such preparation that involves stepping up regular leftover steamed rice. The process involves

Chicken nuggets. What can we say about them? They’re so simple, so ubiquitous, such a steady component in the diet of American kids. Let’s make these chicken nuggets, baby! They are seriously the best in the west.

Omelette Curry is a delicious recipe served as a side dish. It is a mouthwatering dish is favorite of all those who love eggs. This easy and very tasty omelette will impress anyone.

“Biryani ” is a mixed rice dish with spices, rice, meat or vegetables. Though biryani is originated in Persia, it is more popular in malabar areas in Kerala.Here am sharing a special chicken fried Dum biryani. For this you can either deep fry or shallow fry the chicken, then mixed with the gravy / masala and finally the dum process which makes the biryani heavenly taste.

Fish Masala Recipe

Fish Masala is a dry gravy dish which is very easy to prepare. It greatly enhances the taste of rice and will improve the taste of any meal.

Schezwan is one of the most popular in Indo Chinese Chicken appetizer and can be found on many Indo Chinese restaurants menu.

Aloo 65 Recipe

Aloo 65 is an amazingly tasty and easy snack recipe..!! In this recipe, the cooked potatoes are mixed with a spicy mixture consisting of coriander pwd, red chilly pwd & ginger garlic paste. It tastes lipsmacking, when they’re hot & crunchy.

This Indian style garlic chicken has been one of the favorites at home.Hot, Spicy,flavorful and absolutely delicious -all without deep frying the chicken.Cornflour coated chicken fried and then mingled with a tangy tomato-soy sauce.

This is one of the tastiest snack named Chicken Samosa that kills your time in making it.Chicken samosa is a traditional snack of Muslims of Kozhikode. This easy Malabar chicken samosa is a favorite during Ramadan.