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When Mary begins to question her faith, it is surprisingly Sheldon who restores it. But meanwhile his dad’s cooking chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and buying pizza for dinner. Boy, wouldn’t we all just love that! Print Recipe Young Sheldon

Chocolate will like this smooth, nutty fudge twice as much.

The best combination of peanut butter and marshmallows ever!

Ever made cookies using your favourite black tea? Go ahead and grind some and incorporate it in this delicious recipe.   Print Recipe Brooke Bond Taaza Chai Cookies Recipe Delicious Chai Cookies! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe!

There’s nothing quite like donuts and we’ve seen that look of joy on the prisoners’ face in the seventh episode itself. Orange Is The New Black is a treat to watch and should be watched while eating a treat like

This one has been all over the internet for quite some time and netizens are raging over it, foodie or not. Catching a video of this Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake jiggling in slow motion is enough to make anyone drool. Light

Who can forget the Jerry Lewis solution to racism, the black and white cookie. With this recipe, all we can say is, “Look to the cookie, Elaine. Look to the cookie.” Image Source: The Dusty Baker Print Recipe Seinfeld Black

We still crack up at the situations Max and Caroline fall into each time. We also drool over their sumptuous buttercream frosting on the cupcakes and wish we had just that while watching the show. Something to keep our tastebuds

Fresh fruits, cream and a dollop of nutella on a freshly baked tart is bliss. Try it out! Print Recipe Nutella Tart Recipe Perfect Sunday Treat! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Cook Time 20 mins Servings servings

Have a crepe day everyone! Enjoy this delicious dessert to begin or even end your day on a sweet and creamy note! Print Recipe Crepe Day – Strawberry Cream Cheese Crepe Recipe Super Delicious Crepes! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You:

Cassava cake is a yummy, fudgy and flavorful dessert made of grated cassava, coconut milk, eggs and condensed milk. It’s very easy to make!

Eclair Cake Recipe

Eclair cake is so delicious and yummy easy to make recipe. This eclair cake made with graham crackers, whipped vanilla pudding and covered in chocolate ganache. The best easy recipe!

Simple and delicious cake made healthier with pomegranate seeds. Can be served as a coffee cake or after-dinner dessert and stays moist even days after you make it.

VIDEO: This fruitcake features lots of dried cherries, cranberries. Plus, it’s more cake-like and less dense than the usual fruitcakes. Give it a try, this recipe will convert the fruitcake sceptics! Method: – This fruitcake recipe is very easy to

Ever felt envious that Harvey Specter has a secretary like Donna Paulsen? She is literally a wizard knowing everything and anything plus she knows exactly what her boos, her best friends and anybody in the firm close to her require.

The Desperate Housewives was a wicked drama and revolves around four housewives: Bree, Susan,Gabrielle and Lynette. Though the title may give you another impression that its a show for housewives, the fandom shows that there was much more to the

Star Wars was an epic science-fiction movie that is cherished even after generations. Whilst giving us an inter-galactic experience, the attention-to-detail in the movie was inspiring. They actually created food around the theme and one which catches the eye is

Guava Cake Recipe

This is the cake that everyone immediately falls in love with. Light and creamy, sweet yet tart– it is simply exquisite.

Homer loves to eat and in episode 3 of season 4 we see him making delicious waffles with caramel and served wrapped around a stick of butter. While we adore the idea, we’re not sure if putting caramel inside the

Lemon Pound Cake makes a delicious dessert for lemon lovers! Made with lemon juice, lemon zest, and topped with a lemon buttermilk glaze, this lemon pound cake recipe is a treasure!