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Vision knows the way to Scarlet Witch’s heart – Paprikash and is seen making this dish in Captain America: Civil War. Their bond in The Avengers: Infinity Wars is impeccable and we can’t help but do a throwback to this lovely

If you thought flavor, tradition, and nutrition couldn’t all fit on the same roster, here’s an epic recipe to prove you wrong and please your palate at the same time. This real simple matcha cake recipe from Real Simple (get

Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie (or Little Debbie in general) might not ring a bell for many, but for kids in the US of A, these delicious cookie sandwiches are synonymous with nostalgia. Now, It doesn’t matter whether or not

Two Broke Girls is a hilarious show with Caroline’s amazing ideas to get rich again and Max’s quirky comebacks. The cupcakes do get them going and we can’t resist the creamy icings on each one of them including these delicious

A warming, lightly spiced cake with a boozy twist. The red wine adds a special something to the cake, though most might not be able to put their finger on it!

Who said cakes only be sweet? They can be savoury too. In fact, they can be sweet and savoury at the same time! That’s right you can enjoy a delicious chocolate sponge cake that leaves a mild blazing trail on

Love the crunchy, flaky, freshly baked croissants? French cooking is not all that hard, check out this recipe to find out for yourselves! Print Recipe Croissant Day Recipe Basic Croissants! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time

Make your next barbecue a breeze with our BBQ Shrimp Recipe.This barbecue shrimp requires only quick stove-top cooking with no grill in sight.

Max and Caroline are broke and after being persuaded by the latter, Max starts selling her homemade cupcakes. But soon, cronuts begin trending in yet another hilarious episodes of the show and the duo try to add this new craze

Everything feels good when someone says ‘double fudge’ and Full House was big on desserts specially Michelle. But the Double Fudge Chocolate Brownie was Stephanie’s favourite till the time DJ scared her with it. Let’s explore the delicious recipe. Print

Garlic cloves, if added in the right amount and cooked right, can do wonders to any recipe. Even the simplest of breads can be jazzed up with some garlic and bitter (yes, garlic naan, we’re looking at you. You too,

Robin Scherbatsky loves the scrambled eggs her mother makes and considers it the best in the world so when her fiance Barney’s mother challenges that she makes the best, it was one hell of a competition! Print Recipe HIMYM Scrambled

In cooking terms, the word ‘Florentine’ (pronounced “FLOR-en-teen”), or the term à la Florentine, refers to a recipe or dish that is prepared in the style of or draws inspiration from the Italian region of Florence and also which features

Remember for the brief time that Ted Mosby’s wife appeared on the show? Yeah, ‘the mother’ we all were pining for and when she did, she first met Lily. To cheer Lily up she made her try ‘sumbitches’ which were

Migas Recipe

Another absolutely mind-blowing preparation from the land of salsa and Monterey Jack, migas is a quick and easy egg-based snack that gives the good ol’ omelet a crunchy Tex-Mex twist. The dish comes loaded with a number of veggies (and

Stained glass cake really has the wow-factor! Colourful shards and layers of super soft sponge make it a real treat and a super special surprise!

Marmalade cake is a great cake to make with ingredients everyone has in the cupboard. A last minute cake or something to add to the kid’s lunch box.

For all the fans of Orange Is The New Black, here’s the recipe of Apple Pie that Jason Biggs’ loves so much. And we don’t blame him for making it his comfort food, it is absolutely delicious! Print Recipe Orange

Make the creamiest, smoothest, peanut butteriest fudge with this easy recipe. Print Recipe Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe Votes: 1 Rating: 5 You: Rate this recipe! Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 1 cup of creamy peanut butter1 cup of unsalted butter1 tbsp

Sheldon on one fine day says that all Wednesdays are the new comic days along with a creamy tomato soup day. The day is meant for gathering up on junk food and that’s what we love too! So let’s make