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Brinjal Fry Recipe


Brinjal is also called as eggplant. Brinjal is high in water content and potassium. It is suppose to possess many medicinal properties and is used as a remedy for cancer, hypertension and diabetes. Brinjal can be made in several different ways and here is the most quick, easy and tasty Brinjal Fry recipe.

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Kada Fry Recipe


kaada Fry Recipe is a very tasty and delicious non vegetarian recipe. Kaada (Quail) meat is considered low cholesterol and is available every where. It is indeed a substitute for chicken. It can be served with rotis, nans and appams.

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Besan Bread Recipe

besan bread toast recipe

Bread Besan Toast Recipe is a quick and delicious evening snack that can be made in just ten minutes.This recipe is very flavorful and healthy flat bread, high in protein and gluten free.

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Onion Pickle Recipe

Onion pickle is mostly used in SouthIndian dishes but our onion pickle tastes . This pickle recipe is must try with roti or bread or even Indian most famous snack

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