tomato purée

This Indian style garlic chicken has been one of the favorites at home.Hot, Spicy,flavorful and absolutely delicious -all without deep frying the chicken.Cornflour coated chicken fried and then mingled with a tangy tomato-soy sauce.

Here’s a spicy classic you can still eat while on a diet. Serve with a salad and/or a very small portion of rice. Don’t forget you’ve already got carbs in the beans.

Tamarind paste, amongst other spices add a contrasting sour flavour and the red colouring within the tandoori spice mix gives a vibrant red colour. Finish this with fresh coriander and fresh naan bread and you have the perfect curry.

Enjoy a delicious, homemade cheese pizza inspired by what Kevin orders when he’s Home Alone.

Punjabi aloo butter masala is one of the most popular recipes in Indian cuisine. Learn how to make aloo butter masala in simple steps in this recipe.

At one point in American Gods, Shadow enjoys a bowl of spaghetti, crusty garlic bread and spicy meatballs in a thick red sauce. Today, we’re sharing a recipe for that spaghetti; enjoy it as you re-read the American classic.

Gobi butter masala is another popular dish which goes well with roti and naan. This dish is prepared in a easy way. The buttery gravy is so fine soft with well cooked cauliflower in it.

In American Gods, when Shadow and Wednesday are in San Francisco a woman named Easter offer “Eggs, roast chicken, chicken curry, chicken salad…” They don’t get to taste many of these dishes, but today we thought we’d share a recipe for a chicken curry Easter may have served. Enjoy!

A savourful South Indian Chettinad Egg Curry is a main dish recipe which can be served with hot rice or any indian bread.

In one episode of My Little Pony, Fluttershy makes Philomena homemade soup when she’s sick.

Since it’s winter and a lot of us are develop colds and coughs ourselves, we thought there’s no better time to share a recipe for soup inspired by what Fluttershy made. Hers looked like a tomato soup; so here’s a recipe for tomato soup made from scratch that will go a long way in easing your sore throats and sniffles.

Print Recipe Mushroom Rolls Satisfying hungry children is a task in itself. Every day food has to look interesting and of course different to please their appetites! This recipe is of a delicious chapati roll filled with a spicy mushroom

Linguine is a kind of noodle pasta, much like a cross of fettuccine and spaghetti – neither cylindrical not flat, but with a more elliptical cross-section. Although there are many ways of making linguine, it is usually served with –

Palak Kofta Recipe

The palak kofta is a dish that consists of soft succulent balls of spinach minced together with mild spices and sautéed chili and onion served in a thick gravy. The gravy is a rich and delicious blend of yogurt, milk,

Moong – a.k.a. whole green gram – sprouts are easily one of the healthiest pulses in your kitchen. The pulses provide you with the best of nutrients and can be revved up to make some exotic preparations. A fancier take

Many of our popular culture recipes focus on the food featured in popular films and books from the West. However, today we’d like to focus on one of our favourite works from African literature ‘Half of A Yellow Sun’ a

After Netflix’s announcement that it would be hosting a Gilmore Girls revival this year the internet has gone crazy with speculations about character pairings and plot points. Who will Rory end up with? Who’s getting married? We don’t have answers

Anglo Indians refer to a community of Indians with mixed Indian and British ancestry. Most Anglo-Indian dishes are derived from British cuisine with the addition of Indian spices or cooking methods. Meatball curry is a popular Anglo-Indian dish that is

Manchurian is a popular Indo-Chinese dish made by golden frying a vegetable or protein and corn flour mixture and then tossing it in a sauce with Chinese flavours.  This delicious non-vegetarian manchurian takes only a couple of minutes to make

Red Snapper Recipe

Print Recipe RED SNAPPER “EN CROÛTE DE SEL” HARISSA, PISTACHIO BUTTER RESTAURANT TRENDS come and go, and so do service styles. I take pleasure in going back in time and believing in the charm of tableside service, in the drama

Print Recipe BEEF STEW WITH MUSTARD SUET DUMPLINGS This recipe showcases British cooking at its best: beautiful beef slow-cooked in beer and topped with light, fluffy dumplings. It’s quite beautiful and just the sort of recipe everyone should have in