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Gourmet Chicken Pizza Recipe


Pizza lovers must try these top gourmet pizza recipes. Pizza Chicken is a quick and easy low carb baked chicken recipe. This homemade pizza chicken recipe is quick enough for a weeknight family dinner!

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Egg Manchurian Recipe

Manchurian doesnt need any introduction, this Indo chinese foods are prepared usually with a vegetable or a meat. Marinated meat or veggies deep fried then sauteed with onions, bellpeppers along with a mixture of sauces makes this wonderful appetizier or side dish. Manchurians goes awesome with fried rice or else with a bowl of hot piping rasam rice.

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Chicken and Spinach Lasagna ecipe


Best chicken spinach lasagna has all of those, lots of delicious tart sauce, a lot of cheese, lean ground chicken and loads of spinach. This is not a heavy lasagna, you know, the type that gives you a stomach ache, if you actually make this with whole wheat lasagna sheets this would make for one very healthy and hearty dinner.

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