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Serbesa Cocktail

If you’re looking for a delicious beer cocktail to get things going this Oktoberfest season, then try this Serbesa cocktail, courtesy of Drink Manila! Print Recipe Serbesa Cocktail Described as a beer and margarita hybrid, this cocktail sounds sessionable indeed!

There’s nothing better than a hot chocolate drink on a rainy day, except maybe spiked hot chocolate! This tequila-spiked mint chocolate drink, courtesy of Town & Country, is definitely going to be your go-to drink to whip up the rest


This delicious tequila and bourbon cocktail courtesy of the Architectural Digest is the best way to shoo away the monsoon blues! You can whip it up in minutes for a quick pick me up. Print Recipe Curendero This cocktail will certainly

Margarita Float

Who doesn’t love ice cream on a nice warm day? Beat the heat this summer with this margarita float cocktail by Julie Blanner that only uses three ingredients! Tequila and lime sorbet? All day, every day! Print Recipe Margarita Float

The pre-monsoon rains have been pouring down, which signals the end of mango season. However, before that fateful day comes why not try out this gorgeous mango ginger cocktail, courtesy of Serious Eats, that utilizes fresh mango in combination with

Mango Margarita

All you need to do to make this delicious mango margarita is mix a little mango liqueur with some tequila. So, change things up a little with this recipe instead of just doing tequila shots. Print Recipe Mango Margarita Just

Summer’s were made for slushies! If you don’t believe me, try out this gorgeous tequila-based strawberry mango margarita, courtesy of Tastes Lovely, and we’re sure you’ll change your mind! Print Recipe Blended Strawberry Mango Margarita Whip up this batch of

Orange Crush

Tequila cocktails are sure to remind you of those holiday vibes. Try out this Orange Crush recipe courtesy of Brandon Matzek of Kitchen Konfidence for a drink with a kick! Print Recipe Orange Crush Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate

The Paloma

If you’re looking for an easy tequila cocktail to whip up then look no further than the Paloma. This recipe is courtesy of Supercall so you can whip a drink up in minutes! Print Recipe The Paloma Votes: 1 Rating: 4

Coconut Margarita

Cocktail hour is never as fun as it is during summer, perhaps it feels more like vacation time. Here’s a delightful coconut margarita recipe courtesy of Foodie Crush, and we have to say, tequila never looked better! Print Recipe Coconut

It’s summertime which means it’s time to pull out those summer cocktails. Try out this delicious tequila-based cocktail, courtesy of Town & Country, for a delightful end to a long summer day. Print Recipe Tequila Mockingbird Votes: 1 Rating: 4

Enjoy the fresh, fruity taste of a Raspberry Margarita. It’s an easy recipe to make from scratch and pairs your favorite tequila with fresh, sweet berries.

Tomato Mojito

While a tomato mojito may sound like a bit of a stretch, this classic tequila cocktail has only been bettered by The Chic Site. We can’t wait to try out this one! Print Recipe Tomato Mojito Votes: 1 Rating: 4

Summer has officially hit, and the purpose of cocktails now is to cool you down and buzz you up. This Blue Crush Margarita recipe, courtesy of Delish, is the perfect tequila concoction to get your drink on this summer! Print

Beer Margarita is made with the combination of beer and tequila mixed with the traditional limeade. This crisp, refreshing margarita beer drink is great too serve for parties.

Tequila Lime Shrimp is packed with flavor, easy to make, and is the absolute perfect summer shrimp dish. Enjoy a tasty and delicious sidedish with your loved ones.

Since strawberries are easily available and oh-so-yummy, why not include them in our drunken new year’s eve house party? You can either pour the jello liquid into the hollowed out strawberries like in the recipe but if you’re finding it

Coupe De Ville

Beer with a tequila twist is what you get with the Coupe De Ville. Courtesy of Yum Dom, this recipe is perfect for game night, or any other night really. Print Recipe Coupe De Ville Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You:


Use apple juice and cinnamon to give this cocktail an autumnal feel! Recipe courtesy of Food & Wine. Print Recipe Manzarita Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate this recipe! Course Drinks Prep Time 5 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 1/2

Black Cauldron

This tequila-based cocktail is all black and spooky. The Black Cauldron boasts of a combination of agave, bitters and lemon juice to elevate it beyond the ordinary. Try this recipe courtesy of Cosmo for your big Halloween bash, or, a