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Amy has planned the perfect evening at her apartment to make her and Sheldon’s relationship move forward. While Sheldon believes it can’t be done, Amy proves him wrong and gets to hear the words, “we should do this more often.”

Such is the love for pizza, that two friends Ted and Marshall actually decide to take a road trip when latter’s favourite pizza place is about to shut down. For what? To have that one last slice! Print Recipe HIMYM

Binge on this delicious homemade sweet treat! Print Recipe Copycat Haldiram’s Gulab Jamun Recipe Sumptuous Gulab Jamuns! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 40 mins Servings servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 2 cups

Soft, juicy rasgullas that can be easily made at home! Print Recipe Copycat Haldiram’s Rasgulla Recipe Mouthwatering Rasgullas! Votes: 1 Rating: 5 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 45 mins Cook Time 30 mins Servings servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 1

Make this delicious sweet and sour chivda at home and enjoy at tea-time! Image Source: YouTube Print Recipe Copycat Haldiram’s Khatta Meetha Recipe Delicious Indian Namkeen! Votes: 1 Rating: 5 You: Rate this recipe! Cook Time 15 mins Servings servings

Beat the summer heat with amazing recipes by Chef Gautam Mehrishi on the show ‘Hello Summer’ on Living Foodz! Print Recipe Phalse Ka Shorba Recipe By Living Foodz Summer Recipes! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 15

Dudhi or lauki (bitter gourd) halwa is a sweet and savoury veg recipe, relished by many who love the combination of milk and lauki. Eat it hot or cold, it’ll taste as good as any halwa should be. Print Recipe

Looking for a gorgeous summer cocktail that combines your favorite ingredients and is gin-based? Well look no further than the sour cherry gin smash courtesy of Country Living. Print Recipe Sour Cherry Gin Smash Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate

The one time we see Mike wholeheartedly involved with food is when he makes spaghetti sauce (perk of growing up with a grandmother). Rachel is surprised to see him cook and unfortunately while sauce looks thick and luscious, we never

Ginger Peach Soda

Planning a get-together and looking for quick cocktails that you can whip up a large batch of? Well, look no further than the Ginger Peach Soda, recipe courtesy of Country Living, it’s refreshing, rum-based, and delicious, of course! Print Recipe

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would be well aware of the Chinese tea phenomenon, a.k.a. Matcha. The fine powder tea has taken the beverage world by storm and is now also a raging specialty in the dessert

The wild orange rice is a savoury, flavourful pulao famous in Afghan cuisine. The rice is mentioned in the book The Kite Runner while it is being served at Amir’s wedding. The food mentioned in the book is tempting and

Takeaways are one of the favourite foods of the group in The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon has his strict food policies one of which is that the dumplings be shared equally amongst the group. While we love to share the

One bite into these wrinkly, sinfully delicious Nutella Cookies and you’ll fall in love with them. Try them out today! Print Recipe Nutella Cookies Recipe Delicious Nutella Cookies! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Cook Time 25 mins

A vegetarian favorite, the chili paneer dry is an integral part of every Indian Chinese meal. The dish is also had in a gravy-ed version, but the dry rendition is more favored due to its excellent ‘starter’ traits. Chili paneer

There are only a handful of ways in which one can go wrong with a meat and carbohydrate combo. No matter the cuisine – or even the meat – the combination is a winner for all seasons, whether it’s in

Even during the last episode of FRIENDS, Joey was hung up on food and had an egg roll on the floor! This was beyond Monica and beyond us too but all in all we do realise how much we love

A vital part of the desi Chinese cuisine, Manchurian is loved all over the subcontinent and for good reason. Dry Manchurians are not dehydrated people from Manchuria; these are in fact a delicious snack made with chopped fresh veggies and

A warming, lightly spiced cake with a boozy twist. The red wine adds a special something to the cake, though most might not be able to put their finger on it!

Intrigued by that name? The Thai Drunken noodles, also locally known as pad kee mao or phat khi mao (khi mai means drunkard, in Thai) has a few legends to its name (literally). One theory states that the noodles are