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The only thing tastier and more comforting than a bowl of piping hot thick chicken soup is piping hot chicken soup amped up with some Thai flavors. The Tom Kha Kai, a.k.a. chicken coconut soup is a chunky chicken broth

When it comes to grilling seafood, especially fish, there is hardly a recipe better than the ones found in tropical lands. One such exotic grilled fish recipe being the Indonesian Ikan Bakar, which is fish fillet smothered in a fiery

A lumpia is a form of Chinese spring roll – or egg roll – widely consumed in Indonesia and the Philippines. The deep-fried savoury snack is made of thin crepe pastry skin called “lumpia wrapper” encasing a mixture of fillings,

Savannah Red Rice is a baked tomato and rice dish that’s easy and delicious.

“Please take your time, it’s an important decision. Not like, say, I know! deciding to marry someone, this is about a muffin.” Remember this? Well then you’ve got to remember the drool worthy muffins at Central Perk! Print Recipe FRIENDS

Want to make pizza quick and easy at the comfort of your home? Try this recipe and you’ll easily enjoy a pizza that you’ve made yourself! Print Recipe International Pizza Day – Simple Pizza Recipe Quick & Easy Pizza! Votes:

Treat your family to authentic asian flavours with this soul warming chicken laksa.

Summer’s coming up and the Mojito is the quintessential summer drink. However, if you wanna try something new, why not whip up a batch of Cojitos for your mates this summer. Try this rum cocktail, courtesy of Bev I Am.

If you get sudden cravings for lemon tarts, fresh scones and blackcurrant tea, it’s all thanks to Enid Blyton and her books. Let’s try out the lemon tarts and enjoy her food descriptions as we take a trip down memory

Dragon chicken is a real tasty appetizer for all those who love Indo-Chinese cuisine. A tempting recipe is quite hot and spicy with very good tastes….

Pal Payasam Recipe

Pal Payasam is a classic dessert made with rice, milk and sugar. It is prepared on special occasions and festivals. It is rich, creamy and tastes heavenly.

Palak Corn Recipe

Palak Corn is a delicious, healthy vegetarian dish prepared with spinach and sweet corn kernels. It is absolutely wonderful with Chapati or naan.

Have a crepe day everyone! Enjoy this delicious dessert to begin or even end your day on a sweet and creamy note! Print Recipe Crepe Day – Strawberry Cream Cheese Crepe Recipe Super Delicious Crepes! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You:

Tasty,flavorful and easy indo chinese starter recipe, crispy baby corns tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce along with cubed bell peppers,one of the very easy baby corn recipe.

Chicken manchurian gravy recipe is a delicious and popular Indo-Chinese recipe made in a spicy and tangy sauce that would just be perfect for fried rice.

Mughlai Chicken is a common member of every North Indian restaurant’s menu. But funnily enough, the dish isn’t Indian. The chicken preparation is an original from Central Asia and was introduced in India by the Mughal Emperors during their reign.

Maida halwa is one of the sweets which is prepare during festivals.It has an unique taste.If you are a halwa lover then you will love it for sure.

Love the crunchy, flaky, freshly baked croissants? French cooking is not all that hard, check out this recipe to find out for yourselves! Print Recipe Croissant Day Recipe Basic Croissants! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time

Amir as the narrator talked a lot about Afghani naan and tea plus mentioned his favourite breakfats, sour cherry marmalade with toasted naan and cup of tea. Enjoy a hearty, delicious breakfast like him with this recipe! Print Recipe The

Make a chocolate rum cake because the winters are only here for a month and we must make the best of it. Plus, it’s chocolate cake day, the occasion calls for this delicious recipe! Print Recipe Chocolate Rum Cake Recipe