The Cocktail Classics are going to be a new series that takes us back to the basics. We’ll be showing you all the greats of the cocktail world that have become mainstays in the world of mixology. To start us

Kesar pista kulfi ice cream recipe is a popular Indian ice cream dessert recipe.

An extremely popular Bengali curry, Prawn Malai Curry is a celebratory recipe and is usually referred to as ‘Chingri Macher Malaikari’ by most of the Bengalis.

Cabbage potato curry taste just awesome!

Chilli Egg Recipe

Chilli egg is different side dish for dinner and lunch.Yummy chilli egg dish have different tasty and colorful dish.

Fruit Falooda / Faluda is one of the favourite dessert prepared with Ice cream and mixed fruits.Do try this quick & easy dessert recipe!

We all know that every year we have to kiss mango season goodbye, so we always try to make the most of it. Here is a delicious Mango Margarita recipe that you absolutely have to try out before it’s too

Moist and buttery cake made from readily available ingredients with a luscious butter sauce.

Before Elaine on Seinfield can go with Peterman to Kenya, she has to take a drug test, which comes back positive for opium. She soon realises that the poppy seed muffins she loves are to blame; here’s a recipe for them.

This Margarita Pops recipe serves two purposes: not only do they look absolutely adorable, but they also make drinking tequila a delicious experience, which, let’s face it, can be difficult. They’ll also cool you down while giving you a super strong

Malai Peda Recipe

Malai Peda is a delicious and simple to make Indian sweet or dessert which can be easily made at home for festivals.

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we’re sharing a recipe for cinnamon French toast. Whip it up as a part of a brunch you make for your mother this Sunday.

This summer, we’re all doing everything we can to beat the heat. Light showers have provided some respite from the sun’s death kiss but it strikes back twice as hot when it returns. However, that also means an abundance of

Doi Maach Recipe

Doi maach is a very authentic Bengali preparation served typically at lunch with pulao or white rice on a festive occasion.

Coffee really is essential to life, as we all know. Sometimes in life when we don’t what to do or which way to go coffee gives us that extra boost to make it through. Sunday’s are really just pre-Monday so this coffee cocktail is just the kick you need to get you through the week. The best part? It’s easy as 1 2 3.

Something has to be said for how brilliant summer brunches are. The sun shining down you while surrounded by food and friends (yes, in that order). However, sometimes the heat can get a bit, how should I put this delicately?

Guava chutney is an amazingly super chutney recipe that goes well with anything. This chutney very easy to make.

In Goodfellas, Vinnie makes a tomato sauce using three meats and three onions. We assume it would have been served with pasta; here’s the recipe.

These Banana Crumb Muffins are another fabulous recipe to make with your overripe bananas. The recipe is melt in your mouth, kid friendly muffins are sure to delight!

This spiced-up burger is finished with warm, melty blue cheese, and balsamic-soaked red onions lend an extra flavor kick.