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Midge in on tour and while she’s gone Imogene’s baby shower happens without her being present. The potato salad is what reminds her of the occasion and also the fact that it was just the beginning of sacrifices she would

Enjoy this delicious boozy chocolate cake for Christmas this year!

Remember the girl who introduced Ted to the drumroll and left him dreamy? Yes, Ted Mosby sure tracked her down to her bakery and while they finally kissed, we couldn’t help but drool over the baked goods. We’re now sure

Bite into these yummy cupcakes with a lovely chai spiced frosting and of course, chai in the actual muffin and enjoy it at tea time! Perfect for those chilly evenings we’re heading towards! Print Recipe Brooke Bond Red Label Chai

Ramona’s first teenage birthday party didn’t get off to the best start but even teens can show some ‘awww’ moments on screen and in real life. In this case, her friends brings cupcakes to her room with lit candles and

Try this American-Mediterranean fusion recipe for the best of both worlds!

Once you lay your hands on this delicious treat, you’re sure going to want more. So make yourself these delicious Strawberry and Cream Donuts with a simple yet awesome recipe! Print Recipe Krispy Kreme Copycat Strawberry And Cream Donut Recipe

Vision knows the way to Scarlet Witch’s heart – Paprikash and is seen making this dish in Captain America: Civil War. Their bond in The Avengers: Infinity Wars is impeccable and we can’t help but do a throwback to this lovely

Love snacking on deep-fried mini bites? If yes, then you must have often munched on Tater Tots. Yes, the deliciously unhealthy yet irresistible golden fried bite-sized pieces of potato. And do you love nachos? Of course, you do! More specifically

Simple bake recipe that’ll make Valentine’s Day even more special. Print Recipe Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Cookie Recipe Show Some Love! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 30 minutes Cook Time 10 minutes Servings servings MetricUS

A side of mashed goes well with just about any dish. Not only is the creamy side a great balance to a meal, but can also substitute as the source of necessary carbohydrates instead of breads. Mashed potatoes can be

Susan’s character is one of the mellow ones out the four leading ladies of Desperate Housewives and as Wisteria Lane is famous for its dinner parties and food, she has her unique taste. Let’s try out the recipe for her

Who can ever forget the gorgeous Gabrielle, her drool-worthy wardrobe and delicious Mexican food like these delicious Enchiladas. They’re made with lean meat without a wonder because she wouldn’t want gaining even a kilo extra. Print Recipe Desperate Housewives Gabrielle’s

Delicious, heartwarming and fiery just like Gabrielle, this Tortilla soup is awesome, especially when guests are coming over. You can also make this at your sleepover as you binge watch Desperate Housewives with your girl gang. Print Recipe Desperate Housewives

An easy and healthy way of whipping up a delicious meal is baking up your favourite foods. The method not only involves minimum greasing but also is a super quick and effortless way of cooking. One such easy, delicious, and

Stroganoff is a Russian preparation made with meat chunks cooked in a creamy sauce and served with boiled egg noodles, pasta, boiled mashed potato, or breads. Usually made with beef, the stroganoff can also be made with lamb or even

Lamb Quiche Recipe

Quiches are a great way of saying “hey, here are a bunch of downright delicious ingredients that I’ve combined and baked into one even better – and scrumptious – piece of pie”. Because that is exactly what quiches are, a

The gang from the The Big Band Theory hang out often at The Cheesecake Factory and Leonard who has lactose intolerance orders quesadillas with soy cheese. They are actually quite delicious, so try out the recipe for yourself! Print Recipe

The Merc with a Mouth loves this dish. Full of punchy Mexican flavours and a great dish to beat the weekend hangover. We may never know what goes on in Deadpool’s wacky brain but we do know that he loves

The TV show based on American Gods has been confirmed and we could not be more excited. To celebrate, here’s a recipe for crimson borscht served by Zorya.