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It’s quite impossible to eat a corn on the cob with just salt but when you’re in prison, there’s little choice. Boo has learnt that and enjoys this snack quite often. We’ve made it on a tastier side so that

Frank Underwood’s character develops to be a ruthless one and at the top of his game. He chows down meat like he chows down the person he want to destroy. Devour this pork chop, feel as powerful as Underwood and

Sookie is paranoid over Luke taking over her kitchen at the Dragonfly Inn but even she couldn’t resist the pork chops he made. So here’s the recipe. Print Recipe Gilmore Girls Pork Chops Recipe Sumptuous Pork Chops! Votes: 0 Rating:

Amir enjoys delicious Kofta Sandwiches when on a picnic with his father in The Kite Runner. This was one of the fondest childhood memories of his and a glimpse into the delicious Afghani cuisine. Print Recipe The Kite Runner Kofta

Veg Chilli Recipe

This tasty vegetable chilli recipe is so easy to make and perfect served with rice, tortilla chips and guacamole. This chilli has a Mediteranean twist.

Shrimp cakes, much like crab cakes, are the panko covered golden fried manifestation of every shrimp lovers’ dreams! The preparation is essentially a cutlet made with chopped shrimps mixed with mildly hot peppers (you can turn the spice up or

We all know Oprah wasn’t lying about not cutting down on her favourite food while losing weight. Her favourite food being fried chicken, well, “unfried chicken” as she calls it in her latest cookbook, Food, Health, and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes

The wizarding world of Harry Potter and his friends is full of fun, magic and of course quidditch. Now, before every sport a player needs to keep up his strength. At Hogwarts, a quidditch player’s pie is served before a

Beef Chilli Recipe

Make delicious chili on your stove or in your slow cooker. These meaty chili recipes will win over the pickiest judges in your crowd!

Wonder Woman is always on the go. Being a role model, fighting wars and destroying the baddies is no mean feat! The Amazons need food that is protein packed and nutrient rich to help them pack a punch! As Wonder

In Master Of None, Dev downs pulled pork sandwiches in Brooklyn. Here’s a recipe for what we imagine they would have tasted like.

The Great Gatsby remains a classic favorite among many. Through the novel, Fitzgerald proved his power over words by getting his readers extremely emotionally invested in Jay Gatsby, Daisy and their tragic love story. Perhaps another reason that The Great

Who knew the humble eggplant would be equated to bacon. Yes, bacon! Now a lot of hardcore non-vegetarians might be skeptical about this news, but vegans and vegetarians swear by this recipe. And, to its’ credit, people have said that

Print Recipe Cheezy Crunch Burger Recipe Cheezy Crunch Burger Recipe with step by step.Serve the burgers with romaine on the bun and topped with spicy ketchup. Votes: 2 Rating: 3.5 You: Rate this recipe! Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 3 cups

If you’ve seen ‘The Help’, you’d know that dishes of food are some of the most important props in the film. Similarly, in the novel,’The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett – which the film as based on – several plot points

If you’ve not caught the premier episode of Game of Thrones season 6 yet, we’re not going to spoil things for you. But, we will give you a hint, some eventful things are going down in Dorne. That’s all we’re

Are you a House Of Cards fan? Then you need no introduction to Freddy’s BBQ joint, a hole in the wall eatery frequented by Frank Underwood when he’s not making cut throat political decisions. About Freddy’s BBQ Joint Owned by

One of the recurrent motifs in the 2015, post-apocalyptic film’ Mad Max: Fury Road’ is blood. Max is captured to supply blood to Nux and towards the end of the film, Max transfuses his blood to Furiosa to help her

Better Call Saul, a spin off from the immensely popular Breaking Bad is doing quite well on air. We, however, are finding it necessary to completely absorb ourselves in the world of Saul Goodman by watching Breaking Bad and Better

Print Recipe CEDAR-WRAPPED KAMPACHI ROMANO BEANS, SAUCE DIABLE FOR THIS DISH, I imagined good old Kentucky bourbon aging in cedar barrels, taking their flavor from the old wood. Now, we take a flavorful sheet of that cedarwood wrapped around a