With Sheldon’s numerous restrictions comes his obsession like not eating Thai food with chopsticks and using the fork to put food on the spoon. This can bewilder anyone but her sure has patient friends. This recipe is inspired from Sheldon’s

On Bella’s first date with Edward she ends up ordering the first thing on the menu – Mushroom Ravioli. She’s eager to talk to him and clearly food is the last thing on her mind but its the first on

In A Goofy Movie there are tons of delicious food references. Our eyes are however set on the cheesy pepperoni pizza that Max and PJ are eating in the movie. So let’s try and make it! Print Recipe A Goofy

Chocolate donut is an absolute sinful dessert and there’s a scene in FRIENDS where Joey has to borrow a shirt from Rachel’s Ralph Lauren office and ends up spilling delicious chocolate filling as he bites into a donut. That’s exactly

Bella tries to find herself home at a rainy town, Forks while living with her father. She likes to take care of him and makes him homely meals like this delicious lasagna. Print Recipe Twilight Grandma’s Lasagna Recipe Delicious Homely

Dishes from Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries have adjectives in their name that are often used to describe beauty and grace. This speaks volumes about how highly they think of their food and how seriously the people take their

Mughlai Chicken is a common member of every North Indian restaurant’s menu. But funnily enough, the dish isn’t Indian. The chicken preparation is an original from Central Asia and was introduced in India by the Mughal Emperors during their reign.

The Bollywood movie that evoked the wanderlust in our hearts was Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and there’s a scene after the dive where Arjun is making paella. What better way to celebrate life than cooking, that too in Spain. Let’s

Shrimp Fried Rice

Making use of leftover rice is one of the most popular and ingenious ways of whipping up an easy yet absolutely delicious meal. Fried rice is one such preparation that involves stepping up regular leftover steamed rice. The process involves

A traditional English breakfast served regularly in the great hall at Hogwarts is the good old porridge. Ron Weasley likes with sugar poured on his. So let’s savour a bowlful of porridge today! Print Recipe Harry Potter Breakfast Porridge Recipe

This recipe is from ‘The Dinner Party’ episode of Seinfeld where Jerry and Elaine stop to buy a chocolate babka from the Royal Bakery. Try out this delicious babka recipe! Print Recipe Seinfeld Chocolate Babka Recipe Delicious Chocolate Babka! Votes:

As Geppetto cooks up a delicious meal for Pinocchio after his first day at school he makes a delicious roasted fish for Figaro and this sumptuous yellow cake for Cleo. We couldn’t take our eyes of the big chuck of

One cake roll was filled with Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and one filled with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

In India, we love to celebrate special occasions with sweets! What’s perfect than some homemade chocolate chip cookies to celebrate this Teacher’s Day with your favourite teacher! To all the little master chefs, bake some amazing cookies for you teacher

We have said this a million times before and we reinstate the fact that pasta is awesome, and more so because of all the delicious and amazing variants that can bee cooked using the dough, meat, and sauce. From a

Aladdin asks for his first wish to genie which is to become a prince. As genie looks through his cookbook he finds a few recipes while looking for the one to make a prince. Genie’s antic is hilarious and one

This spongy Eggless Chocolate Cake recipe is one of the best I have come across. Super easy to make and without requiring any fancy ingredients or equipments, this is my favourite recipe for eggless baking.

The character of Rachel Zane is a foodie but did you know that in real life, Meghan Markle also loves to eat. Simple fish tacos with grilled peppers and onions is one of her favourite. So here’s a recipe that

The eats in Eat Pray Love is something that inspires people to indulge in food, especially Italian. So here’s a recipe of Napolitana Pizza that Elizabeth Gilbert enjoys in the movie. Print Recipe Eat Pray Love Pizza Napolitana Recipe Delicious

Piping hot beef and guinness stew is quite popular at the Leaky Cauldron where its served in a bread bowl. So enjoy this delicious and heartwarming meal. Print Recipe Harry Potter Beef And Guinness Stew Recipe Delicious European Stew! Votes: