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Paneer Makhani is a classic, widely popular north Indian dish. Paneer is low on carbohydrates and has rich protein, phosphorus, vitamins, minerals, and calcium content. The sauce i.e. the makhani gravy is made up of tomatoes (puree), garlic, ginger, milk cream, butter and Indian herbs (masala) to make it extremely aromatic.


Two days back, I had been to a place called Sowcarpet in Chennai with my cousin, Uma.
It’s a whole sale market area. We had spent almost half a day there.

Uma, has had sandwich from a particular sandwich shop in that area sometime back. It seems that shop is known for their sandwiches. She took me to that shop. Sandwich was indeed very amazing and I particularly liked the chutney that he had used.

I asked the person for the recipe. He was not willing to share. I requested him again and very reluctantly, he mentioned the ingredients he used to make the chutney. Not only that, he assured me that it will not be possible for me to make chutney like him.
I thanked him for the recipe and told him that I’ll try my best:)

I do hope that I have done my best. My family like it and I was satisfied with the chutney too:)

Sharing the recipe with you all and hope you would like it too

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