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Mushroom Tikka Recipe 


Mushroom Tikka is one of the common dish we all probably would have seen in restaurants menu card under appetizers / Starters / Snacks section . This is basically a healthy and yummy snack in which button mushrooms along with few other assorted veggies are marinated in a masala and later grilled traditionally in a tandoor clay oven to get that smokey flavor.

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Easy Baked Fish Recipe

This is a light way of cooking Fish Fillets and healthier too.The main object is to marinate the Fish and then bake or grill it so as to keep the use of Oil to a minimum.Any fish can be used but we use Pomfret or Tilapia as these are easier to cook.The baking time can be altered for thicker Fillets or Fish Steaks.A whole large Fish can also be used if so desired only the marinating and cooking times will then vary.

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Apollo Fish Recipe


Apollo fish is a starter dish in many restaurants. This is very easy to prepare at home. This is prepared with boneless fillets. It goes well with any soup. Here are the step by step instructions.

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Dum Chicken Recipe


A popular dish known as Dum ka chicken, is a very rich, aromatic and flavourful dish, chicken cooked in its own juices combined with lot of spices, almonds and cream in slow cooking method.

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Pav bhaji bruschetta


Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer that consists of grilled bread(loaf,baguette etc) topped with tomato ,vegetables and cheese. Pav bhaji is a famous maharashtrian and Indian fast food,spicy and rich in vegetables. It is normally had with pav (buns) roasted in butter. I decided to give it a twisted by toppung pav bhaji on a baguette instead, and have it like a bruschetta.

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