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Gilmore Girls Sookie’s ‘Magic’ Risotto Recipe

In the first season of Gilmore Girls, Sookie's restaurant is visited by food critic Lucien Mills. He gave her cooking a great review but called her risotto merely 'fine'. Sookie is upset by this; she claims her risotto is a magic risotto which she made for her mother on her deathbed, and which helped her mother live three more years. So, she whips some more up and arrives at his house, demanding he try it. Here's our take on Sookie's magic risotto, a recipe for a creamy wild mushroom risotto.

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Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Recipe

Roasting is an excellent way of cooking food using very little or even no amount of oils. The method of cooking cooks the food through, retains the flavours, and is a great option for people watching their waist without having to let go of good food. One such recipe that is high on flavours and low on fats is the roasted garlic cauliflower. If you’re a veggie lover looking for a healthy meal that can be whipped up in minutes using simple or little ingredients that can easily be found lying around in the kitchen, then the roasted garlic cauliflower is for you. Made using signature Italian flavours but with a hint of coconut, the dish uses little oil and can even be baked instead of roasting on a skillet – as done in the recipe below. You can even spice up your version with some chili flakes or crushed paprika. Follow these steps to treat yourself to a portion of delicious garlic and cheese-rich roasted cauliflowers. Image: Budget Bytes Feature Image: Dinner with Julie

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