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Thai Chilli Chicken Recipe


Right off the streets of Thailand, made in your own home! The authentic version of this popular Thai street food uses Thai holy basil but normal Thai basil is a close substitute which is what I usually use because Holy basil is not readily available where I live. It is also still worth making even if you use normal basil!

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Master Of None Crispy Pork With Broccoli Recipe

In 'Master Of None' when out with his extended family, Dev orders crispy pork with broccoli, saying “I’m actually not that religious. And I eat pork,” he says. “But it’s okay. Because I’m a good person. And I’m 33 years old, and I can make those decisions, and I can eat what I want. And I want to eat the crispy pork with broccoli." So do we, Dev. So, here's a recipe.

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