The baby corn tasted crispy and since i fried it in a tawa it is healthy.

Eating mutton is not just about savouring the delicious meats portions. A popular delicacy among meat-eaters across the globe is the liver. In India, the liver is often marinated and then dry-cooked with spices. The widely savoured goat liver finds

Mushroom Fry is a no-fuss quick recipe that can be made with any kind of mushrooms. This stir fry is popular in Goa and is known as Mushroom Chili Fry. In South Indian, it is commonly known as Mushroom Pepper Fry.

When it comes to sea food, crab holds a very special place in most meat-loving hearts. The tender flesh encased in the crunchy shell makes for an excellent shellfish to enjoy in a variety of way, from a mild butter

Veg Kadai Recipe

Kadai vegetable subzi or curry is a dry curry prepared with mixed vegetables and spices. It goes well with rotis, parathas and rice.

baby corn manchurian recipe | baby corn manchurian dry recipe is basically a street food recipe prepared with baby corns which is loosely based on chinese cooking and seasoning techniques. An ideal starters recipe prepared with manchurian sauce and baby corn fritters. in other words, baby corn manchuri recipe is very similar to gobi manchuri recipe. however, baby corn manchuri recipe would be more spicy as compared to later. moreover, baby corn manchurian recipes are more crispy and more tasty compared to other manchurian recipe.

Veg Macaroni is a perfect lunch time or evening snack for your children. You can add an assortment of vegetables, depending on what your child likes. Delicious, quick & easy to make meal for kids.

Rachel Zane and Mike Ross are the dream couple in Suits and Rachel loves to eat, gourmet or even otherwise. On one of their dates she introduces Mike to finer things in life and makes him try squid while he

Guava Cake Recipe

This is the cake that everyone immediately falls in love with. Light and creamy, sweet yet tart– it is simply exquisite.

Love Indian spices, but can’t handle the heat? Well, you’re not alone! And thankfully, for all of us with weak spice buds, there exists the perfect curry recipe that packs delicious Indian flavours and doesn’t leave a blazing trail along

Indian style prawn curry is a really easy and deliciously mild recipe, despite the long list of ingredients! The fresh flavours beat a takeaway any day.

Grilled fish recipe is Indian flavours and spices that penetrate deep into the fish making it juicy & succulent from inside & beautifully charred on the outside.

“The wedding guests gorged on cod cakes and winter squash, hills of neeps and great round wheels of cheese, on smoking slabs of mutton and beef ribs charred almost black, and lastly on three great wedding pies, as wide across

Methi Gosht Recipe

Indian spices and herbs are nothing short of magical. The bunch of flavoring agents can give the most unique of taste and aroma to any vegetable, fruit, or meat. Apart from using all the masalas together – like garam masala

Shrimp Fry Recipe

Fish and prawns are the common sea food dishes that are preferred across the country. Prawns can also be called as shrimp or shrimps and are so delicate in handling and to touch. One needs to master the art of deveining it, then they can be made in no time. Prawn fry can be used as a starter or can be eaten along with dal rice…

Manchurian doesnt need any introduction, this Indo chinese foods are prepared usually with a vegetable or a meat. Marinated meat or veggies deep fried then sauteed with onions, bellpeppers along with a mixture of sauces makes this wonderful appetizier or side dish. Manchurians goes awesome with fried rice or else with a bowl of hot piping rasam rice.

Bread Manchurian, an irresistible delicacy is a very innovative spicy and crunchy snack that features a wonderful balance of flavours ranging from tangy to spicy it will be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Beef dry fry is a traditional Kerala beef preparation served with parotta, appam, pathiri, chappathi, and ghee rice. It tastes well, when its spicy.

Manchurian is a very delicious Chinese dish which i mostly prepare with chicken. Here i just tried the same recipe with Prawns / shrimp which came out very well. Most of the Chinese cuisines are loved all around the world equally. I noticed this dish once i ordered prawn Manchurian from a restaurant. It tastes really good and i loved it. This very taste made me to try on Prawn Manchurian.

Fish Manchurian is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make Fish Manchurian by following this simple & easy recipe.