FormatOil for deep frying

Paneer Kofta


Deep fried paneer koftas served in a rich, creamy onion and tomato gravy is one of the most mouth-watering curries you will ever come across. Served along with Indian breads & pulaos, this dish is sure to hold a very high place in your foodie hearts!

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Falafel Recipe


This Middle- Eastern snack is packed with so much nutrition that you would love to make it a complete meal.

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Gilmore Girls Salmon Puffs Recipe

In Gilmore Girls after (spoilers ahead), Rory quite Yale she joins the DAR and takes on planning events. At one, she chooses not to serve salmon puffs and Emily never has a fit. Here's a recipe for those legendary salmon puffs to try at home.

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Super Bowl Sunday Buffalo Wings Recipe

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. That means, if you're hosting friends and family, you need to star stocking your fridge and buying snacks right now. If you're more of the cooking while you watch the game type, why not whip up these buffalo wings?

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