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Midge in on tour and while she’s gone Imogene’s baby shower happens without her being present. The potato salad is what reminds her of the occasion and also the fact that it was just the beginning of sacrifices she would

Get ready for New Year’s Eve with our collection of easy and tasty recipes that’ll impress your guests with a single bite! Print Recipe New Year’s Eve Chicken Sliders Recipe Delish Sliders For NYE Party! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You:

We love the Hogwarts’ Great Hall and it’s table full of food underneath candles and the enchanted ceiling. Rows and rows of sandwiches, cakes, pies and what not. So make sure you make plenty of sandwiches before you plan a

Turkey sandwich was featured in the opening episode of Stranger Things, lazy meal enjoyed by Detective Jim Hopper. We’re sharing this recipe now for we’re sure you’ll have plenty of turkey left and lots of Netflix to enjoy. You’re welcome! Print

Add a little creamy goodness to your salads with this awesome recipe. Make this dressing and refrigerate in a jar for easy use. Print Recipe Subway Savory Caesar Sauce Recipe Creamy Caesar Dressing! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this

Drizzle this sumptuous Italian dressing over salads or simply serve them with tortilla chips. Keep this recipe handy to make a quick and easy dip ready for a Netflix and chill time. Print Recipe Subway Creamy Italian Sauce Recipe Quick

Get the smoky, scrumptious magic of sub sauces at the comfort of your home. Surprisingly they’re not all that difficult to make. Print Recipe Copycat Subway Chipotle Southwest Recipe Smoky, Creamy Subway Sauces! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this

Creamy, smoky and simply yum. Southwest sauce has become quite popular and goes amazingly well with a lot of dishes. So make some today and enjoy it at the comfort of your home! Print Recipe Copycat Subway Southwest Sauce Recipe

Louis Litt may swear by steak and his popular prunie but he also knows what his associates would appreciate. Apart from distributing ‘Litt Up’ mugs in the later seasons, he distributed burgers in the first one on winning a case.

Enjoy this Spanish tapas recipe that’ll go perfectly with your can of Mahou Maestra Wheat Beer!

Perfect bite sized sandwiches with tea is the perfect thing to devour while enjoying The Crown. Print Recipe The Crown Egg And Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe Delicious Egg Sandwiches! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Course Snacks Cuisine European

With the exception of Mike, most of the characters in Suits are used to fine dining and this can be seen throughout the seasons. Even when Philip Hardman was introduced to us (later replaced by Daniel Hardman) while having lunch

Who Caroline thinks is her regular customer, the ‘extra croutons lady’ turns out to be a photographer who puts up an entire gallery of poor people. Which to Caroline’s surprise includes her, Max and even Earl. What bugs our gorgeous

When Eleven escapes and finds herself at Benny’s the first thing she grabs on to is fries and later a simple burger that Benny gives her to eat. The state in which she is at the time, chowing down a

Foodies go to any extent to find their favourites and this is true for Marshall too in How I Met Your Mother. He knows where New York’s greatest burger is made and just can’t remember the place where he ate

There’s nothing better than watching Robert Downey Jr. play Iron Man and we totally dig the scene where he attends a press conference sitting on the floor while enjoying a cheeseburger. Way too cool Tony! Print Recipe The Avengers Iron

Nope, no spoilers here but there are food references. Thought there aren’t any food scenes in the current, widely successful Avengers: Infinity Wars, but there is a reference in which Dr.Strange’s sidekick is craving something delish as he says, “I

True Gilmore Girls fans would know how important it is to have burgers and fries around when you’re watching this show. The girls practically live on burgers, fries and blueberry pancakes from Luke’s Diner. And coffee of course! So that

Enjoy a delicious, spicy treat of your favourite maggi noodles complete with cheese and a dollop of mayo. Here’s how to make this amazing snack in a jiffy. Print Recipe Maggi With Cheese And Mayo Recipe Perfect Indulgence! Votes: 1

Fire up your snacks with this zesty Thai chili mayonnaise. Trust us, you’ll be reaching out for seconds! Print Recipe Thai Chili Mayonnaise Recipe Chili mayonnaise with Thai spices and jalapeños. Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Course