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A perfect Sunday like the one Dhruv and Kavya have, definitely needs a pizza. Whether you order it or get your hands dirty by kneading some fresh dough is what makes the different. Make your weekend a little different by

It’s quite impossible to eat a corn on the cob with just salt but when you’re in prison, there’s little choice. Boo has learnt that and enjoys this snack quite often. We’ve made it on a tastier side so that

Rachel is miserable in this episode till the girls having a slumber party realise that George Stephanopoulos is right across the street. They’re too happy spying on him and eating the pizza meant for him – Mushroom, Green Pepper and

Such is the love for pizza, that two friends Ted and Marshall actually decide to take a road trip when latter’s favourite pizza place is about to shut down. For what? To have that one last slice! Print Recipe HIMYM

A big fan of the arrabiata pasta? Well, how about you can spin off the delicious flavours into a bowl of Maggi noodles? Try this recipe and we’re sure you’ll love it! Print Recipe Maggi With Red Pasta Sauce Recipe

Want to make pizza quick and easy at the comfort of your home? Try this recipe and you’ll easily enjoy a pizza that you’ve made yourself! Print Recipe International Pizza Day – Simple Pizza Recipe Quick & Easy Pizza! Votes:

Eating like Gilmore Girls is goals after all we need to reward ourselves with treats like a delicious, piping hot bowl of Mac N Cheese right? Print Recipe Gilmore Girls Mac N Cheese Recipe Delicious Mac N Cheese! Votes: 0

Pasta Primavera is the culinary lovechild of Italy and Canada. New Your-based ace chef Sirio Maccioni, who first made it for his guests in Canada, invented the dish. The pasta dish was made with lightly sautéed spring vegetables in a

Joey might not make the best food, but Uncle Jesse is the perfect homemaker (though he made not admit it). He cooks a delicious meal of Chicken Tetrazzini in the first season and then complains about how it has gone

Chef has released instead of Jon Favreau it’s Saif Ali Khan in the lead and the famous scene of Aglio E Olio that the lead makes for his sous chef is repeated here too. Only this time it’s Fettuccine Alfredo

The gang loves to hangout at the Cheesecake Factory and have some or the other preferences or eating disorders. In the case of Howard, he orders a Shrimp Caesar Salad with no almonds. We hear you Howard and here’s the

Juicy, flavorful New York strip steak is seared on the grill and paired with a tangy eggplant caponata in this easy summer recipe!

Mid-week cravings can get us to binge on junk or not-so-healthy foods. Next time you think of cooking a processed meal or opt for a Chinese take away, think about this lemon pasta with chicken recipe.
It is a simple, filling dish that doesn’t shy away from packing a punch. Here’s what you’ll need to make this delicious dish.

The movie Waitress must be lauded a thousand times and then some more for the brilliance of its pies. And the brilliant execution of the backstory of each one of them. The movie starts with Jenna finding out she’s pregnant

Print Recipe Broccoli, Mushroom, and Cheese Breakfast Strata Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 15 minutes Cook Time 70 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 4 teaspoons olive oil1 large onion diced (about 2 cups)3 garlic cloves

Print Recipe Italian Meatloaf Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 60 minutes Passive Time 5 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil4 teaspoons chopped garlic about

Tomato Tart Recipe

Print Recipe Tomato, I tart you Nothing like a hot tomato tart to make you feel all good about yourself. Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 12 minutes Passive Time 18 minutes