extra virgin olive oil

Linguine is a kind of noodle pasta, much like a cross of fettuccine and spaghetti – neither cylindrical not flat, but with a more elliptical cross-section. Although there are many ways of making linguine, it is usually served with –

Meatballs sandwiches are a delicious lunch treat! Try this meatball submarine recipe with tomato sauce & melted cheese tucked between crusty bread.

Beer Braised Chicken is made with chicken and bacon braised in beer. Be prepared for a dish full of flavor and delicious beyond belief.

This Chicken Mole recipe capitalizes on the flavorful richness of mole while keeping the calorie count low. Enjoy a taste of Mexico!

Hummus Dip Recipe

Everyone needs a great hummus recipe. This dip made with chickpeas, lemon, olive oil and garlic,salt. It’s a great standby pantry dip for unexpected guests or midnight munchies!

A popular dip from the Mediterranean, hummus is the life and soul of every Mezze platter or pita platter. The Egyptian native is made from cooked mashed chickpeas – and occasionally using other varieties of beans – blended with lime

Roasted Mushrooms is an easy yet impressive side dish recipe that’s totally mouthwatering!

Here’s an easy, hot and fiery recipe for a super-spicy hot sauce. For all those who love heat in their food, there’s nothing better than this habanero sauce. Print Recipe Hot Sauce Day Recipe Habanero Sauce! Votes: 0 Rating: 0

Yet another continental recipe to set your brunch spread on fire with a bunch of delicious flavours. The herbed leg of lamb is simple yet delicious recipe, which is popular during festive and holiday meals. As the name suggests, the

The One With The Ride Along is one of the episodes of FRIENDS where we learn how much Joey loves sandwiches, especially a meatball sub with marinara sauce and melted cheese. Yum! And worth risking your life to protect it

This Pumpkin lasagna is easy to make and filled with all the great flavors of fall.

Phoebe are hungry like anything and order just before Ross and Rachel showed up. Phoebe orders a tomoto tart and both the pastas. We’re pretty sure both were Hangry (Hunger + Angry) at the time. So let’s relish the delectable

During the ninth season, Phoebe celebrates her birthday on Halloween because she isn’t able to make reservations for her actual birthday. Since it’s Halloween tomorrow, we thought of making some of the dishes ordered on Phoebe’s birthday dinner and were

A super quick and super easy recipe for garlic butter prawns. This prawns cooked in plenty of butter with lots of garlic.

Shrimp cakes, much like crab cakes, are the panko covered golden fried manifestation of every shrimp lovers’ dreams! The preparation is essentially a cutlet made with chopped shrimps mixed with mildly hot peppers (you can turn the spice up or

Isabella Swan has come down to a cold town of Forks to stay with her father and loves him dearly. Other than contemplating the possible dangers around her posed due to her relationship with a vampire, she loves to cook

Who needs an introduction for biryani? Unless, of course, you think vegetable pulao and vegetable biryani are the same (in which case you need therapy and treatment). But seriously, the Indian rice dish is known far and wide for its

Job Favreau’s movie Chef is soon getting a Bollywood remake with Saif Ali Khan in the lead. So let’s celebrate with this delicious recipe from the original movie. Print Recipe Chef Mojo-Marinated Pork Shoulder Delicious Pork Recipe! Votes: 0 Rating:

The gang loves to hangout at the Cheesecake Factory and have some or the other preferences or eating disorders. In the case of Howard, he orders a Shrimp Caesar Salad with no almonds. We hear you Howard and here’s the

These tiny birds, stuffed with creamy goat cheese, make fun yet elegant turkey stand-ins. Since the quail are small and there’s not much meat on each one, plan on serving guests two to three per person, and encourage them to chew the meat off the bones rather than trying to cut it off with a knife and fork.