Coconut-crumbed Prawns Recipe

Looking for an easy recipe for Valentine’s Day? This simple dish will surely blow your partner’s mind away and will make a part of a super romantic dinner. Read more to find out what you’ll need to make this amazing dish!

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Dr Who Jammie Dodgers Recipe

In Dr Who, the Eleventh Doctor demands a pot of coffee and twelve jammie dodgers. While a pot of coffee is easy to brew, we're sharing a recipe for jammie dodgers just in case you should ever run into the Eleventh Doctor.

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My Little Pony Carrot Crepes Recipe

In one episode of My Little Pony, Roma is serving carrot crepes, the smell of which entices all the ponies. It's fitting, considering that horses love carrots. You may think carrot crepes - because they sound so healthy - wouldn't be too healthy, but allow try out this recipe. Deliciousness guaranteed!

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Chicken Malai Kabab Recipe


Chicken malai kababs make a great party food. These kababs are very smooth and succulent and literally melt in the mouth. Murgh malai kababs are mildly flavored with cream and cheese and ginger garlic paste. Discover how to make chicken malai kabab by following this easy recipe.

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