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This is a perfect healthy dinner meal for your family and friends!

Love Pasta but don’t have the time to cook? Try this One Pot recipe and you won’t need to spend more than 30 minutes in the kitchen! You only need this one game-changing recipe to make your dinner a minimum

Lasagna is to oven what bread is to butter but what if we gave you the recipe to skip the oven and make this lasagna on a stovetop? You have to try it to believe it! No boiling, no layering,

Amy has planned the perfect evening at her apartment to make her and Sheldon’s relationship move forward. While Sheldon believes it can’t be done, Amy proves him wrong and gets to hear the words, “we should do this more often.”

Happy Cheese Ball Day! Try this simple, delish cheese balls recipe and celebrate not just the day but the genius who invented this drool-worthy treat! Print Recipe Cheese Balls Recipe Drool-worthy Cheese Balls! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this

For the first time have we seen Lorelai ordering something other than hamburgers and pancakes at Luke’s but only when she has a cold. Though we love the idea of having soup for breakfast, we can have this particular one

Make perfect beef roast from this recipe. Roast Beef is simple and delicious. You’ll definitely want left overs of this roast beef recipe for all those scrumptious leftover meals!

Chili con carne or better known as just chili is very popular in America and when Joey Gladstone makes it in Full House, well it’s not always a great success. So here’s a recipe that we’ve bettered so go ahead

In A Goofy Movie there are tons of delicious food references. Our eyes are however set on the cheesy pepperoni pizza that Max and PJ are eating in the movie. So let’s try and make it! Print Recipe A Goofy

This is a great little soup, and really easy to make, it freezes well and costs much less than the tinned stuff, and it tastes like it should, mushroomy!

If you like fish, basa especially, then a baked basa has to be on the top of your favourite recipes list. Because who doesn’t like the mild taste of this freshwater fish seasoned and baked to flakey perfection, right? Moreover,

Aside from their world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC is also known for its fiery grilled chicken, made by marinating, seasoning and then grilling chicken to perfection. Naturally, KFC guards its recipe for the fiery grilled chicken jealousy, but we think we’ve found a recipe that will yield similar results. Enjoy!

Diabetes can happen to anyone at any time in their lives. It’s a serious health condition that can worsen over time if not treated properly. Simply put, diabetes is what happens when there is high levels of glucose in the

There’s been a lot of buzz off late about KFC’s Nashville Chicken. The fast food chain recently launched the chicken in India with a unique marketing strategy; it asked customers to stand in a queue for a special ATM which

Craving for an easy snack? Turn to this for a wholesome delight. We bet your kids will love it too! These make for a great appetizer too. Get cooking! Here’s what you’ll need.   Print Recipe Baked Chicken Nuggets A

October 12th is National Gumbo Day in the US. And for those of you who don’t know, Gumbo is a is a dish that typically consists of a strongly flavored stock, meat or shellfish, a thickener and seasoned vegetables. The

While KFC is best known for its Hot and Crispy chicken, its other chicken dishes are pretty stellar as well. We have a particular weakness for their Pop Corn Chicken – when you’re craving some chicken but don’t want a

Some people can be intimidated when they hear the word pasta. They’re usually taken aback because they think it’s a labourious process to cook pasta. Here’s an easy recipe from pot to plate that’ll shoo away all your fears. Read

After Netflix’s announcement that it would be hosting a Gilmore Girls revival this year the internet has gone crazy with speculations about character pairings and plot points. Who will Rory end up with? Who’s getting married? We don’t have answers

Print Recipe Herb-Roasted ROOT VEGETABLES Root vegetables are particularly forgiving when it comes to roasting times: Slightly undercooked and they have a little extra firmness, while on the other hand it takes quite a while to overcook them to the